High protein foods

Proteins are the main structural components of all cells in the human body. They are chains of amino acids that can be found in muscles, skin, nails, hair, blood, etc. These are also the basis of many hormones, enzymes and antibodies and are necessary for the growth, repair and defense of human body tissues.

Characteristics of proteins :

  • Macronutrients essential to life
  • Consisting of amino acids, essential or not, which define the quality of the protein
  • In food, we find animal proteins and vegetable proteins
  • They have many roles in the body (enzyme, transport, tissue structure, etc.)
  • Protein needs change throughout life.

Why eat protein-rich foods?

Proteins: definition and benefits

Energy role

Proteins provide energy, i.e. 4 calories per gram. Like fats and carbohydrates, proteins are essential macro-nutrients for the body.

C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation

C-reactive protein (or CRP) is a protein synthesized by the liver during inflammation. The dosage of CRP is very common during a blood test, it allows to see if the body is facing an aggression.

Sources of essential amino acids

There are more than 20 naturally occurring amino acids in dietary proteins. Nine of these are essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture. They must therefore be obtained through the diet. The other amino acids are non-essential because the body can produce them.

Structural role

Proteins are involved in cell renewal, particularly in muscle tissue, skin and bone tissue.

Physiological processes

Proteins play many different roles in metabolism. Some proteins are digestive enzymes allowing the assimilation of food molecules, others form antibodies and allow the body to defend itself against external aggressions. Finally, proteins are also part of the composition of hemoglobin and certain hormones.

Foods rich in protein

The main sources of protein are animal products (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). Certain foods such as legumes, nuts and seeds as well as cereal products are excellent sources of vegetable protein. Finally, certain protein-rich vegetables also help to cover the body’s needs.

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