10 pains to relieve with a hot water bottle

Very useful for keeping warm, the hot water bottle is also an excellent ally against many pains. It attenuates these and helps to relax contracted muscles. Here are some ailments that the hot water bottle can relieve thanks to the heat it gives off.

Relieve back pain with a hot water bottle

The hot water bottle, by the heat it gives off, relieves sore neck pain and reduces muscle tension. In fact, it is scientifically proven that heat dilates blood vessels, resulting in increased blood circulation. This promotes oxygenation of the tissues and the reduction of tension in the muscles, in this case those of the back. It is therefore an entirely natural solution to overcome low back pain. To find a hot water bottle that suits your needs, find out about pause-bouillotte.com or other specialized websites that offer this accessory in its various forms: plush hot water bottles, electric hot water bottles, microwave hot water bottles, etc.


Torticollis (in Latin tortum collum) is a very painful benign condition. This is a contraction of the neck muscles that prevents the affected person from holding their head straight. It usually results from poor posture during sleep, but can also occur following an effort that has caused muscle stretching.

To get relief from this pain, heat is very helpful. The application of the hot water bottle on the painful part promotes muscle relaxation at the local level. In addition, the heat makes it possible to scramble the nervous message of pain sent to the brain. It also helps to alleviate discomfort.

Tension headaches

Tension headaches are usually caused by stress, fatigue and trauma to the neck or neck. They are manifested by a feeling of pressure in the head. These headaches can be relieved by the action of the heat produced by the hot water bottle. The heat from the hot water bottle placed on the back of the neck helps relieve tension in the muscles at the base of the head.

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In the case of a migraine, it is rather necessary to apply a cold hot water bottle on the forehead. This, thanks to the cold released, will allow a vasoconstriction for an alleviation of the symptoms.

Joint pain (osteoarthritis, arthritis)

Joint stiffness and tenderness can cause significant pain. Indeed, they are linked to inflammations that affect the nerve endings located at the level of the joints. A natural and effective solution to alleviate this pain is to apply a hot water bottle to the affected parts. This relieves stiffness and tenderness. When the pain is too acute, it is on the contrary necessary to apply cold for a fast and effective result.

stomach aches

The heat released by the hot water bottle is able to calm colon spasms. Thanks to its antispasmodic properties, it reduces the pain caused by an irritable bowel. The heat from the hot water bottle helps relax and relax the abdomen.

Digestive disorders

In case of indigestion, the hot water bottle can be placed at the level of the liver, to the right below the ribs. At this location, heat promotes the production of bile whose role is to emulsify lipids and lubricate the stool. Digestion is therefore facilitated.

painful periods

Menstrual pain can present as cramps in the lower abdomen, lower back pain, headaches, stomach aches and even nausea. It is possible to soothe these pains with the heat provided by the hot water bottle. This relaxes the contracted muscles in the lower abdomen and acts as an analgesic.

Inflammatory pain (tendonitis, sprain, breakdown)

Following an accident or trauma, a very painful inflammation can arise in your tendons. In this case, the heat provided by a hot water bottle can be useful for reduce the feeling of pain until a lasting solution can be found. In particular, it helps inflamed areas to relax.

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mechanical pain

Mechanical pain is pain that is not felt at rest, but occurs during movement. To be relieved, apply the hot water bottle on the painful part for about thirty minutes. The heat can soften the area and facilitate blood circulation to reduce your pain during movement.

Colic in infants

Apart from its usefulness in keeping babies warm at night, the hot water bottle can relieve their colic. Indeed, the heat it produces helps to relax the fragile and very sensitive muscles of infants. It also prevents the overproduction of intestinal gas as well as bloating.

Some practical information about the hot water bottle

In order to use your hot water bottle effectively, you need to know some useful information.

How to use the hot water bottle?

The use of the hot water bottle requires certain precautions. First, before using a hot water bottle, make sure there are no cracks through which hot water could leak. The container should be filled to two-thirds of its total capacity with non-boiling water (at 40°C). This is very important to avoid injuries.

In addition, the hot water bottle should not be applied directly to the skin. Preferably put it in a towel or a suitable cover. It should also not stay more than 30 minutes on the painful area. Finally, avoid falling asleep with the hot water bottle.

In which cases is the hot water bottle contraindicated?

Despite the strengths of the hot water bottle for pain relief, it should not be used in the following situations:

  • Infection or infected lesion (heat may aggravate the situation and spread the infection)
  • Sensitive skin or skin condition (there is a considerable risk of burns)
  • Venous insufficiency (there is a high risk of blood clots forming)
  • Abundant flow during menstruation (there is a risk of dilation of the vessels and heavier bleeding)
  • Wound or open sore
  • Ulcer or hepatitis (the prohibition concerns the abdominal region)
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In addition, it is necessary to avoid applying the hot water bottle on the head or on the heart. This can lead to complications.

Ultimately, the hot water bottle is a natural analgesic that helps to reduce or make more bearable certain daily pains. Although it is used most often to distill heat, it can also be used for the application of cold to a painful area.

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