10 practical tips to lose weight effectively

Our life is regulated by the sum of dozens of daily habits which are very hard to get rid of and replace them with others. So ideally, when you want to lose weight, that’s what you should do. If possible, by replacing a bad eating or behavioral habit with a good one.


However, there are keys to achieving this. An interesting phrase to get there to use is: “If/when…then”. For example: “If the waiter offers me a dessert, then I ask for lime blossom tea.” By creating reflexes in your brain to substitute foods or drinks, it is much easier to give up bad habits. Concretely, here is what you should or could replace in your diet:

1. White bread with wholemeal bread

You’ve probably heard it many times before. Maybe the white “color” gives you desires, and if you forgot the color a little? The habit is taken at the bakery, choose whole foods! Imagine a slice of wholemeal bread with a thin layer of butter and a little jam… The great advantage of wholefoods is their high fiber content. These give a faster feeling of satiety, which limits calorie intake. Fiber also helps prevent a spike in the glycemic index. You can do the same for rice or pasta, always give preference to whole foods.
Good advice: as it can be difficult to change your habits overnight, why not alternate, one day a “white” food then the other day a complete food.

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2. Artificial sodas and juices with natural juices or water.

We all know that sodas and other sugary drinks are bad for the body. They lead to an increased risk of diabetes, obesity (high calorie drinks) and sometimes even cancer according to some studies. Favor, if you can, taking natural drinks. Like for example lemon juice, orange juice, herbal teas (you can let them cool in the fridge) or simply water. Water can also act as an appetite suppressant.
Good advice: in this case too, radically changing your habits may be too difficult. If you are “addicted” to sodas, especially sweetened cola drinks, don’t panic. Why not reserve 3 days a week to satisfy this need and pleasure in industrialized sugary drinks? Then 4 days with healthier habits (water, natural juices). Over time you will come to almost no longer want to consume drinks that are too sweet. Note: to be very clear, some sodas are calorie bombs, containing dozens of sugars per can. For anyone who is overweight or obese, it is therefore essential to favor other healthier drinks.

3. Vegetables cooked by raw vegetables

This advice may be a bit excessive, especially in autumn and winter. During cooking, several molecules are degraded and lose their properties. So try, even in winter, to continue eating salads or raw tomatoes. Vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins.

4. Fried potatoes by grilled or steamed potatoes

French fries absorb a lot of frying oil and become “calorie bombs”. Crisps are also very often too rich in oil. Prefer cooked meals if possible without oil, to maintain a suitable weight. Did you know ? The fat enhances the taste, for example of spices or potatoes. This is why many people love crisps. These have a very pleasant taste and are easily addictive. Remember, the food industry needs you to create habits and sell you as many products as possible. It is necessary to pay all the employees and if possible the shareholders. This article tries to understand their marketing and create other healthier habits. But don’t worry about them, a few advertisements on French TV (or on the web), and voila, bad habits will quickly be taken up.

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5. Cookies or cakes “stuffed” with plain cookies

It’s probably a way of food marketing, to add a stuffing like chocolate or jam inside the biscuit or cake. Prefer if possible unified cookies or cakes, without anything inside or supplement. They are healthier and generally contain more fiber. In short, buy simple products, avoid too much “complexity” in the product. Remember: just like alcohol, it’s at the supermarket that everything happens. If you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, don’t buy alcohol. If you want to reduce your intake of calorie foods, choose foods that are low in calories. Try to thwart the marketing strategies found in supermarkets, chocolates and cakes at the checkout, promotion on sodas, etc. Outsmart them. The idea is not to criticize advertising or marketing, but to become a responsible consumer.

6. A white sauce with a red sauce

White sauce, often made with cheese, is usually high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Red sage, usually made from tomatoes, is lower in calories than white sage and contains valuable nutrients like vitamin E.

7. Whole milk by skimmed milk

Milk is an ambiguous food for health. It contains vitamins, calcium and proteins. But for some, it is linked to the occurrence of chronic inflammatory diseases. If you consume it, however, prefer skimmed milk, it contains less saturated fat and cholesterol. With skimmed milk you retain all the nutritional qualities but with a lower calorie food. The same goes for all dairy products, cheese, yogurt, etc. Always prefer the skimmed or light version.

8. Grilled or fried chicken by skinless chicken fillets

Children love “nuggets”. Chicken is a lean meat, healthier than red meats. But when chicken is grilled or fried, its skin becomes high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Eating skinless chicken is therefore less caloric and healthier.

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9. Cheese Pizza by Veggie Pizza

The pizzas for example 4 cheeses are very caloric, prefer a tomato-based pizza, possibly a cheese base, and other vegetables or condiments (basil, oregano).

10. Red meat with fish or white meat

Red meat is rich in saturated fat and cholesterol, it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes according to a scientific study. As much as possible, try to replace it with white meat or fish. Fish is rich in phosphorus and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, nutrients that are excellent for your health.

Bonus good habits

Here are some more ideas of foods to replace:

– cereals with sugar by cereals without sugar
– butter with light butter
– industrial sauces with homemade sauces
– shrimps by fish
– an orange juice with an orange or even milk chocolate with dark chocolate.

Finally, do not forget to eat bananas regularly, it is an excellent appetite suppressant that does not cause weight gain. Of course, to lose weight, in addition to diet, regular exercise is an excellent aid to weight loss.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit medical knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace medical advice.

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