10 slimming tips!

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10 slimming tips!

Do you want to lose weight, but the mere prospect of a diet makes your blood run cold? Know that simple changes in your diet can really improve your physique and make you slimmer, without pressure and without having the impression of restricting you. Do you want to lose belly fat, get rid of your love handles or get rid of cellulite? Follow the leader !

1. Eat protein for breakfast

Whenever you are in a calorie deficit (necessary to lose body fat), your body enters a state of catabolism, meaning it burns muscle tissue in addition to fat. And the more muscle you lose, the slower your metabolism and the more fat you store.

A high consumption of protein spread over the day reduces muscle loss and maintains an optimal metabolism.

2. Start your meals with protein

3. Eat fewer refined and processed foods

You can eat your fill without frustration without gaining a single kilo if you choose your own products and prepare them. We are obviously not talking about charcuterie…

4. Include healthy fats in your diet

5. Balance protein with fruits and vegetables

6. Eat foods that improve digestion

7. Ban sugary drinks

8. Avoid meals high in fat and carbohydrates

9. Don’t be afraid of fat, meat or eggs

10. Adopt healthy and conscious eating habits

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