3 reasons not to miss the leg session!

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Do the legs

#1: Muscle Building Hormones


It has been scientifically proven that the muscular and nervous stress induced by leg training significantly increases the natural production of testosterone and growth hormone. When hormone levels are at their peak, muscle growth is maximal. If you consistently avoid training your legs, you lose a great deal of muscle-gaining ability (while neglecting 60% of your body).

#2: Abs recruitment


Everyone wants abs, right? If you miss the legs sessions you may be at a distinct disadvantage compared to the others. The power of the cladding is very important when doing the legs, even when wearing a belt. To develop thick abs, the squat and the deadlift are essential exercises that directly recruit the muscle fibers of the abdominal strap.

#3: The mind


Anyone who imposes one or more weekly sessions devoted to the legs knows how much of a challenge it is, both physically and mentally. The thighs are powerful muscles that withstand heavy loads and large training volumes. These are therefore the longest and most demanding sessions. Having muscular thighs really requires self-sacrifice and courage as well as a high tolerance for pain. Neglecting or completely evading their training will not only make you look like a weakling to other indoor athletes, but you will also lose the opportunity to grow and strengthen yourself mentally.


How to get big thighs?

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