3 risks of carrying a bottle of water in the car that you never think of

How many of you are used to carrying a bottle of water in your car? Many certainly, especially during the summers. But what would you do if we revealed to you that researchers from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom have shown that the presence of a bottle of water inside the car can represent a great danger for us?

It is obvious that hydration during car journeys, especially if they are long, is absolutely necessary, especially since dehydration increases the risk of accidents by 60% due to headaches and loss of concentration. characteristics of those who suffer from it. The best thing to do would be to make periodic stops, at least every 200 kilometers, to hydrate and rest a bit before hitting the road again.

1 Bottle of water in the car: a formidable projectile

The greatest danger is generally known as the “elephant effect”, it refers to the fact that any liquid in constant motion can multiply its mass at least 60 times, and in the event of a sudden stop at a minimum speed of 120 kilometers per hour, a one liter bottle can become a boulder weighing more than a hundred kilos capable of doing a lot of damage if it goes out of order, and in some unique cases it can also end up mistakenly under the car pedals, jamming them completely and causing accidents.

It goes without saying that all these dangers disappear if we keep the water bottle in the glove compartment or in a backpack, and some people even carry small coolers in their car to keep liquids cold when they want to. stop during their journey.

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2 A bottle of water can start a fire in the car

A bottle of water, when there is a lot of sun, can behave like a match. Indeed, bottled water can concentrate the sun’s rays on one point and produce a “magnifying effect”. You have already tried when you were little to ignite a paper by concentrating the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass. Well, with bottled water, you can produce exactly the same effect. Here is the video demonstration made by a firefighter:

Release of plastic particles and bacteria

There is also some fake news about the use of bottled water in cars, such as the fact that it may increase the risk of certain types of cancer due to excessive exposure to the sun if it is. a plastic bottle, but at the moment more research is needed to definitively rule on this point. On the other hand and in a certain way, bacteria love water and heat. Under these circumstances, they swarm, making water from a plastic bottle left in a car in the summer quickly undrinkable.

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