300 Rise of an Empire: lead actor Sullivan Stapleton’s physical transformation thanks to the 300 workout!

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In the new movie 300: Birth of an Empire, Sullivan Stapleton had to lose 11 pounds of fat in 12 weeks to be ready for the role. Stapleton was taken over by the experts at Gym Jones, the same who hosted and coached the original cast of 300 in 2007 with Gerald Butler. All the details on the training and the “spartan” diet that allowed him to transform his physique.

Workout Summary

Objective : muscle definition
Type of training: full body
Training level: intermediate
Equipment : bars, dumbbells, kettle bells

Workout Description

This intense training is only done 3 times a week in order to optimize its results.
Monday : spartan training
Tuesday : rest or cardio
Wednesday : spartan training
Thusday : rest or cardio
Friday : spartan training
Saturday : rest or cardio
Sunday : rest



Overhand pull-ups

50 repetitions with 60 kilos

Wide grip push-ups

Bench Jump
50 to 60 cm in height

Leg raises lying with a bar straight arms

One-handed clean and jerk with dumbbell or kettle bell
25 repetitions per arm with 16 kilos

Overhand pull-ups

Remark : All exercises are performed in circuit, one after the other and without rest. 1 minute of rest is respected between each round.

The Spartan Diet

It is essentially made up of natural foods from the Mediterranean such as olive oil, figs, grapes, apples, avocados, eggs, turkey, chicken, fish and wholemeal bread. In this diet, it is advisable to leave the table still a little hungry.
This diet is high in protein. In effect, the protein intake set up is that which is recommended in bodybuilding, i.e. 2g per kilo of body weight. As for carbohydrates, they are consumed primarily in the morning to give Spartans the energy required for intense training. Calories are not counted ; you just have to eat the minimum necessary in order to have energy for the effort and to ensure that the calories ingested come from meals rich in nutrients.

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Our advice for following this very strict diet

Here are some tips for sticking to the Spartan Eating Plan:

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