4 alternatives to stop snoring that work

Don’t let your nights be ruined by your snoring? Has your bed become a battleground with your partner because of this situation? Discover alternatives that will help you stop snoring naturally.

Take a mint tea infusion before sleeping

Snoring occurs because the airways constrict and vibrate the tissues of the throat as the air passes. For this reason, snoring disorders are often linked to respiratory problems, flu, or ENT discomfort. The infusion of mint tea helps to relax the upper region of the body and relieve the throat to allow the passage of air.

Losing weight

Losing weight is also very beneficial for frequent snorers (and their bedfellows), as the obesity factor is closely linked to snoring.

The cervical tissue of an obese person produces the vibrations generated by snoring and also increases sleep apnea. It is certain that many overweight people you know snore, so it is an issue to consider if you really want to stop snoring.

If you sleep on your side, you snore less

When you sleep on your back, the pressure increases in the neck and throat and the tongue obstructs the passage of air as it should. It is proven that if you sleep on your side, you snore less. Prefer the position on the side to facilitate your breathing and to snore less.

Avoid drinking alcohol at night

Among other things, alcohol can cause the tongue to relax considerably during sleep, preventing the passage of air and promoting very loud snoring.

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If you want to avoid it, cut back on alcoholic beverages in the evening. By doing this, you significantly reduce your propensity to snore. Rest assured that many people at home will thank you.


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