4 good reasons to eat dessert every day

If you’re looking for a few good reasons (or excuses) to go crazy for dessert at the end of a meal, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why science suggests that a slice of chocolate cake isn’t bad for your health, quite the contrary:

Reason #1: Energy for the day

Starting the morning with a breakfast containing some sweet foods would be a good way to stay in shape. According to a study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University on 200 adults, people who eat sweets in the morning are less hungry during the rest of the day. Scientists believe that consuming more calories in the morning gives the energy needed by the body to function properly until nighttime.

Reason 2: to protect your health

It’s no longer a secret: dark chocolate, rich in cocoa, is good for your health. Consuming a few squares each day brings antioxidant nutrients to reduce the risk of hypertension, strengthen the immune system, fight against inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents. It is the American and Swedish researchers who say so, so we can listen to their advice and eat a few grams of dark chocolate daily without feeling guilty.

Reason 3: to limit snacking

Do you have sweet cravings? It does not matter, you can crack. Studies have shown that it’s better to eat a piece of cake when you feel like it than to deprive yourself and indulge in an entire bar of caramel chocolate or a packet of candy. By consciously choosing to indulge in a reasonable way, and by consuming this food in full awareness, we avoid snacking during the day. Not to mention the fact that a homemade cake will always be healthier than a product from the distributor, stuffed with additives and preservatives.

Reason n°4: to motivate yourself to play sports

Making the decision to help yourself to dessert can help motivate you to be more physically active throughout the day, reports Reader’s Digest. In this way, we are win-wins: we can indulge ourselves during the meal and, without feeling guilty, we burn fat by exercising later.

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