4 healthy Christmas gifts

That’s it, the end of year celebrations are coming. You don’t want to give a gift that you aren’t sure will be liked or that you know won’t be used. Opt for gifts that are good for the health of the person to whom you will offer it and who will use it throughout the year. Happy holidays and good health.

The light therapy lamp is known to fight seasonal depression and keep a good mood all year round. This syndrome appears with the approach of winter, as the outdoor light decreases, and has a detrimental effect on the internal biological clock of some people. The origin of this syndrome remains unknown. Light therapy is a recognized medical treatment for combating seasonal depression. They then present symptoms such as a depressed mood, chronic fatigue, a decrease in libido, an exaggerated need for sleep, difficult awakenings, binge eating or an abnormally high appetite, especially for sugar and carbohydrates. (bread, pasta, potatoes).

This process makes it possible, thanks to vibrations, to separate and diffuse the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air. This mode of diffusion is carried out cold and therefore makes it possible to preserve all the therapeutic virtues of the essential oils.

Most of the time the essential oil diffuser consists of a base where the motor is located and a glass part intended to accommodate the essential oils. Nebulizers are very effective and allow the oils to be diffused in spaces of up to 120m². They are equipped with a power variator.

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Ultrasonic diffusion is a method of cold diffusion that does not deteriorate the original fragrance of essential oils but also preserves their energy values. The ultrasounds produced by the diffuser make it possible to transform the mixture of water and oils into a light mist which spreads in the air.

In addition, this mode of diffusion makes it possible to slightly humidify the ambient air, which makes it less dry and more breathable. Blood oxygenation is also promoted. This essential oil diffuser is suitable for medium-sized rooms but will prove very useful for breathing better air that is generally dried out by our heating systems.

This type of helmet does not differ from audio helmets, but it is equipped in its arch with electrodes which stimulate, thanks to low-intensity electrical impulses (2 mA), the part of the motor cortex of the brain which controls movement. The neurons thus stimulated send amplified signals to the muscles, increasing their performance accordingly. This external stimulation also facilitates neural connections, which improves memory, concentration and the assimilation of new skills by the wearer.

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