5 simple principles for a healthy lifestyle

The 5 basic principles of a healthy lifestyle relate to sun, water, movement, food and sleep. Most people who have just begun to study the power of natural medicine fail to comprehensively integrate all of these principles and reap the powerful synergistic benefits they can bring. So let’s try to see more clearly to make these 5 principles easy to apply.

5 principles to apply together for a healthy lifestyle and good health

1 Expose yourself to the sun as much as possible

Sun exposure has many benefits. The sun’s UVB rays will help your body produce vitamin D, and optimal levels are essential to prevent diseases like obesity, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease and dozens of other diseases. other illnesses. Also, and this is important, if you have cancer or an autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease or rheumatoid arthritis, it is absolutely vital to raise your vitamin D levels to a level optimal biological. Regular exposure to the Sun provides not only UVB but also over 1,500 wavelengths and we probably won’t fully appreciate the value of regular exposure to many of these wavelengths for hundreds of years. . Even if you live in a sunny climate during the summer, experience shows that this is the rare individual that benefits from adequate sun exposure. This is usually due to the simple fact that most people have responsibilities during the work week that keep them indoors, out of the sun. Remember that 15 to 30 minutes of eating out with all your clothes on won’t give you healthy vitamin D levels. There is no doubt that regular exposure to the sun is ideal because it will give you much more than UVB. But if, like most people, you can’t, then you should take vitamin D by mouth and have regular blood tests until your level is above 50 ng/ml. Vitamin K2 has virtually the same benefits as vitamin D and works synergistically with it. If you take vitamin D by mouth, you just need to have a regular source of vitamin K2. Fermented vegetables would also work, but only if they are produced using a starter culture using special bacteria designed to produce more vitamin K2, otherwise they won’t get enough.

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2 Drink clean water that is free of toxins like chlorine and fluoride

Remember that most municipal water supplies are contaminated with chlorine and fluoride disinfection byproducts. It is relatively easy to remove chlorine and disinfection byproducts with high quality carbon filters. However, carbon filters do not remove fluoride very well, so reverse osmosis or stills are the best option.

3 Eat real food

It’s important to realize that if you implement these simple dietary strategies, you can prevent and reverse many diseases. Proper nutrition is the first step in the cure of many illnesses. It will also prevent and treat most heart diseases, cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. You usually don’t need any special herbs or supplements to resolve diabetes. They can help, but the key is to eliminate insulin resistance through diet and exercise. What is the red thread that connects all these diseases? You probably know the answer is insulin resistance. The simple solution is to consume real food, that is to say fresh food, ideally from local and organic culture. But if you can’t for some reason, you still need to eat vegetables. Even non-organic products are better than no vegetables at all. This means avoiding all processed foods, especially sugars and processed grains, or even worse, heated oils. Saturated fats like coconut oil are good, as are olive oil, butter, avocado, and nuts.

Tip: How do you know if you have insulin resistance?

It’s simple: if you are overweight, diabetic, hypertensive or take a statin, you probably have it. But to be sure, do a fasting blood insulin test. If it is above 5, you are insulin resistant. Until you’ve resolved your insulin resistance issue, it’s best to avoid even healthy grains and limit your fruit to 25 grams of fructose or less per day.

4 Move your body regularly to stay healthy

The average European adult spends around 10 hours (or more) a day sitting, and over 10,000 studies have now confirmed that chronic sitting is a powerful independent risk factor for insulin resistance and early death, even if you eat well, exercise regularly and be in very good shape, including if you are a professional or Olympic level athlete. It’s really important to realize that you simply cannot make up for 10 hours of stillness with one hour of exercise. You need near-continuous movement throughout the day. Once you sit for an hour, you sit too long. The ideal is therefore to strive to remain seated for less than three hours a day, and to make it a point to walk more. A standing desk is a great option if you have a desk job, and an activity tracker can be used to make sure you’re taking the recommended 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day.

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5 Sleep at least 8 hours a night

You’re not special, we all need eight hours of sleep to stay healthy Most of us don’t fully appreciate the importance of sleep to our health. We must be aware of the major role that adequate sleep plays in recovery, repair and optimal healing. Most adults really need about eight hours of sleep each night. Frequent yawning during the day is a major warning sign that you’re sleep deprived, as is dozing off when reading or in a meeting. If you need an alarm clock and you wake up tired and groggy, you probably need to go to bed earlier (or get more restful sleep). If you suffer from sleep apnea, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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