5 ways to gain strength in the bench press!

Any bodybuilding practitioner has necessarily had the right to the famous question “How much do you push in the bench press?”. The bench press is the most popular movement in weight rooms around the world. No wonder many of us particularly want to improve on this exercise…
Here are 5 ways to do it.

1. Improve your technique

Solid technique will allow you to lift heavier and avoid injury. Follow these tips:

    • The bar should be at wrist levelwell anchored in your palms, not at the level of your fingers.

    • Use your legs! By putting your legs firmly on the ground, you create pressure that will be used by the upper body, especially the back. The legs represent 60% of the body and are also a vector of strength!

2. Strengthen your back and arms

You need a solid base to perform an impressive bench press, but also strong arms to control the load on the negative and positive phase.

3. Lift quickly

Lifting a load gently will never make you strong. The faster you are, the heavier you can bench press. Whatever the sport, if it requires explosiveness, the athletes who practice it are generally very muscular (sprinters, American footballers, etc.).

4. Eat more!

The more muscle you have, the more food your body needs to function optimally. Muscles burn a lot of calories as they contract and without proper nutrition you will not grow in strength or muscle mass. If you can’t manage to ingest enough calories and you have a goal of gaining strength and weight, a good gainer will be of great help to you.

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5. Avoid injury

Shoulder injuries are very common in the bench press. If you eat right and train hard, that’s the only real obstacle that can stop your progress.

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