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6 multivitamin supplements against fatigue

It is normal to go through periods of fatigue, especially in winter. Our vitamin and micronutrient needs increase to deal with possible infections and stimulate our immune defences. An external boost is then welcome.

What’s in these multivitamin complexes?

These complexes contain:

  • from group B vitaminsessential for the production of energy and the transmission of nerve impulses;
  • of the vitamin C which participates in the immune defences;
  • minerals : iron which allows red blood cells to ensure the transport of oxygen; manganese, zinc and magnesium, also necessary for energy production and the body’s defences.

Essential for nervous balance and muscle relaxation, magnesium is indicated when fatigue is accompanied by nervousness, sleep disturbances or cramps. In conventional multivitamins, it is often present in small quantities and/or in the form of salts that are poorly assimilated by the body. For optimal intake, prefer it in the citrate, bisglycinate or glycerophosphate form at a sufficient dosage (at least 100 mg per day), and combined with B vitamins which promote its absorption.

If fatigue is already well established, we can favor formulas that provide higher doses of certain B vitamins and vitamin C, exceeding the nutrient reference values ​​(NRV), which correspond to the average needs of the population in vitamins and minerals. “These vitamins, within the limits of the maximum authorized values, are not at risk of overdose”, explains Professor Marie-Paule Vasson. Care is then taken not to exceed 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.

For kids : in addition to these anti-fatigue components, we ensure an optimal contribution in vitamin D necessary for proper bone development and growth. Respect the manufacturer’s instructions: many references are not suitable before 12, 15 or even 18 years.

Anti-fatigue vitamins, special precautions :

– No more than 2 months of treatment in self-medication in adults, 1 month in children.
– Do not combine several formulas to avoid any risk of overdose of vitamins A and D or iron.
– Possible interactions with certain medications (certain antibiotics, thyroid hormones).
– No contraindications but in case of renal insufficiency, stick to 100% of the recommended nutritional values, no more.
– In case of chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension…) and in children, take stock with their doctor.

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