A natural trick to treat sun allergy

The sun produces different effects on each individual. Some have allergic reactions. These impacts come from various causes. Sun allergy is manifested by skin signs. The aloe gel treatment is an effective alternative to antiallergic drug treatment.

The causes of sun allergy

The effects come from the action of ultraviolet rays which deeply penetrate the skin. Sensitivity to these effects differs from case to case, in relation to certain factors.

Studies have affirmed a genetic origin of sun allergy. This would be, according to these hypotheses, hereditary in certain cases.

  • The use of certain substances

The consumption of certain substances can increase photosensitivity. It is very common in people on antibiotic treatment. The case can also occur for taking medication for diabetes or high blood pressure. Medications for depression and epilepsy and some also increase the chances of photoallergy occurring. This is also the case for some medicinal plants and food consumed in large quantities. These include St. John’s wort, parsley, or lemon.

The various cosmetic products modify the properties of the skin and can cause an allergy.

  • Other skin conditions

The skin diseases like lupus make the skin fragile and more sensitive. They thus promote the appearance of allergies.

Symptoms of sun allergy

The appearance of pimples or red papules is the main manifestation ofsun allergy. It is accompanied by itching and concerns the parts of the body directly exposed to the rays.

In the simplest form called summer lucite, the appearance of pimples does not affect the face. It concerns the top of the torso and the forearms. It occurs with each contact with the rays and persists for a few days.

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Polymorphic lucite occurs even at low intensity of solar radiation. This is a chronic form of allergy.

The allergy can also take the form of solar urticaria characterized by a rosacea plaque.

Aloe gel treatment

Aloe has been used as a remedy for several millennia in various civilizations. It is a very easily cultivated plant. It is also available in pharmacies.

Made up of more than 90% water, it is an exceptional moisturizer. It accelerates healing and relieves skin irritations.

In reality, the aloe gel requires no preparation. All the work is in the extraction. To collect the right gel, it is essential to choose very pulpy leaves. It is also recommended to ensure the conditions of hygiene and cleanliness. For this, it is essential to sterilize the hands and the materials used.

We cut 2 or 3 leaves located near the base. We hang them vertically to get rid of the resin. Then, the skin is removed from the leaves to extract the gel. Mix it to make it homogeneous.

This gel is ready to use and can be kept for two weeks in the refrigerator. It is applied several times a day to irritated skin.


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