A simple test to find out if your eggs are edible or expired

You may already know this. The date marked on the packaging of the eggs indicates the laying date and the best before date. But not the expiration date. So often you throw them away on the assumption that they are no longer good after that date. By doing this, you’re probably throwing away prime eggs.

In addition, the date on egg packaging is often an industrial strategy to make you buy more often. Therefore, knowing how to test your eggs at home to determine their freshness can save you quite a bit of money.

How to Do the Egg Float Test at Home

The float test to assess the freshness of eggs is very simple. Just put your raw eggs in a bowl of cold water and watch what happens.

This is what the eggs will tell you:

– The eggs sink straight to the bottom and lie flat on their sides. They are very fresh and excellent to consume.

– Eggs that stand on one end or tilt to one side in the bottom of the bowl are a few weeks old but still good to eat. They are perfect as hard-boiled eggs.

– Floating eggs are no longer fresh and should not be eaten, hard-boiled or otherwise.

Egg freshness test: how it works

Floating eggs to assess freshness works because eggshells are porous. This means that a tiny amount of air can penetrate. Therefore, fresh eggs that have less air inside sink to the bottom of the bowl. Conversely, eggs that tilt in such a way that the wider end is at the top, and eggs that float are rotten. Tilting is caused by air pockets in the eggs that increase in size over time. Over time, oxygen seeps in and gases develop inside the shell. Which explains why they float.

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