Achieve better health with Californian massage

Californian massage is a style of massage aimed at developing human potential and the expression of feelings. It aims to awaken psycho-corporal awareness and to offer deep relaxation (especially psychic and organic). It effectively maintains the links between body and mind in order to harmonize their balance. She can use a complementary tool in the field of psychotherapy. Most of the manipulations used in performing this massage are inspired by Swedish massage.

To be sure of its effectiveness, the Californian massage requires a total connection between the masseur and the person being massaged. It brings together a few techniques such as tapping, effleurage, friction and kneading.

The Californian massage and its famous history

the Californian massage originated in California. It is also called the touch of the heart. Appeared around the beginning of the 70s, the technique became popular from the 80s. The founder of this principle is called Margaret ELKE. To teach the technique, she brought together several researchers in a growth center called the “Esalen Institute”. A few years later, the wellness practitioners France and the United States also benefited from this teaching.

The healing effects of Californian massage

The Californian massage brings more self-confidence, well-being, relaxation and comfort. Organically, it stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxins, regenerates tissues and tones muscles. It prevents cardiovascular problems (diseases or accidents) and improves blood circulation. He ensures the joint protection, the toning of the muscles and the stimulation of the particular circuits of the meridians. Thus, it allows to evacuate the psychic and bodily tensions. It alleviates headaches, migraines, melancholy, stress and depressions in no time. It also promotes spontaneity, dynamism, skill and letting go on a daily basis. It optimizes muscle recovery. Therefore, it is recommended for high-level athletes.

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Treat yourself with this type of therapy. How is a session going?

People wishing to benefit from this therapy must benefit from a good heart health. It is ideally practiced on a massage table or on the floor and mainly in a lying position. The masseur uses a natural oil to gently massage the entire surface tissue of the body. In fact, this specialist applies gentle, fluid and not too vigorous manual movements. Then, he performs manual pressure on the tense parts of the body. He essentially concentrates his effort on the nodes of tension of the body. During the massage, he invites the patient to feel emotions and tensions. At the end of a session, the recipient of this massage feels particularly light, soothed, regenerated and relaxed. He can also enjoy a feeling of well-being, comfort and serenity. The session usually lasts an hour.


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