Aging skin: essential oils that rejuvenate your skin naturally

Essential Oils have invaluable assets for health, well-being and aesthetics. Pierre Franchomme, father of aromatherapy and international expert, reveals his secrets for maintaining and rejuvenating the skin. A mixture of HE applied twice a day, and wrinkles disappear and the skin is visibly rejuvenated.

The skin is made up of three main layers. From the most superficial to the deepest layer, we find successively the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis.

The epidermis, mainly made up of cells called keratinocytes, is the outer covering of the skin. Non-vascularized, it constantly renews itself by desquamation of its surface layer, the stratum corneum. It ensures in particular the functions of impermeability, mechanical protection and photoprotection (to UV rays) of the skin.

The major role of collagen and elastin for the suppleness of the skin

Collagen: Its proteins are assembled into fibers forming a three-dimensional network over the entire thickness of the dermis. They give the skin its properties of firmness, resistance to stretching and suppleness. There are actually different types of collagen in the body, the dermis mainly containing type I (60 to 80%) and type III (15 to 25%) collagens.

Elastin: This protein has significant elastic properties which give the skin its ability to return after stretching or pinching, without wrinkling. Its synthesis is intense until puberty then stops, and the “elastin capital” then gradually decreases over time.

The mechanism of skin aging

The aging of the skin is a normal physiological process, involving in particular a slowdown in the renewal of keratinocytes and a reduction in water flows, then a reduction over time in the number of fibroblasts and their capacity for protein synthesis, but also the synthesis of enzymes. degrading collagen (collagenase) and elastin (elastase), induced by oxidative stress.

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Sun, pollution, tobacco, alcohol, factors that accelerate aging

This aging process is accelerated in women at menopause due to changes in hormonal activity (estrogen stimulates collagen synthesis). Certain environmental factors can accelerate skin aging, in particular UV exposure, air pollution, tobacco, alcohol or stress. Thus, with age, the collagen fibers are less numerous, coarser and less resistant: the skin slackens, it becomes less firm and small wrinkles appear. The degradation of elastic fibers results in the appearance of increasingly marked expression lines.

The best essential oils to preserve and regenerate collagen and elastin

To stimulate collagen production:
Collagen I: HE from Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)
Collagen III: HE of Noble or Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

To slow collagen degradation by inhibiting collagenase

Seville Lavender HE (Lavandula stoechas subsp. luisieri)
HV CO2 of sea buckthorn berries (Hyppophae rhamnoides): it is the essential vegetable oil for wrinkles!

To slow down the breakdown of elastin by inhibiting elastase

Mace HE CO2 (Myristica fragrans – Producer organ: aril)

The perfect formula for rejuvenation by Pierre Franchomme

Prepare a mixture of equal parts of the 4 essential oils (Patchouli, Noble Chamomile, Seville Lavender, Mace): 3 drops of each, i.e. 12 drops in total.
Dilute these essential oils in 10 ml of sea buckthorn berry vegetable oil + 30 ml of highly penetrating Bancoulier vegetable oil containing anti-inflammatory omega-3s which help maintain skin elasticity.
A formula containing about 1% essential oils is thus obtained.
The balm obtained can be applied to the face once or twice a day, for results that will be visible after a few days!

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Pierre Franchomme is a leader in the field of medicinal essential oils. A true pioneer since 1975, he is notably the discoverer of several essential oils that are essential today such as ravintsara, tea tree, radiated eucalyptus, immortelle, fragrant inule… His immense research work has posed the bases of aromatic pharmacology, leading him to impose the fundamental notion of “chemotype” and to collaborate with prestigious organizations: Institut Pasteur in Paris, Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse, CNRS, and many others. Pierre Franchomme is also a teacher in Aromatherapy and founder of the humanitarian association Aromatherapy Without Borders.


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