Air purifiers: negative ions destroy viruses in the ambient air

Have you ever found yourself in the mountains, on the beach or in a thunderstorm and suddenly felt a huge wave of well-being? It’s not just a sense of wonder at a marvelous spectacle of nature, it can be the effect of negative ions. The negative ions are molecules floating in the air or atmosphere that have been charged with electricity. For the interior of the habitat, when they are generated by devices, called air purifiers or ionizers, they also have the property of attacking the polluting particles of indoor air and drastically reducing the number of virus and bacteria.

The negative ions exist almost everywhere because they are simply created by nature, in particular by:

ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun

discharges of electricity in the air after a thunderclap or lightning

anywhere water collides such as a waterfall or the edge of the ocean

the normal growth process of many plants

The benefits of negative ions about health

Many “negative ionization” researchers have claimed that being exposed to negative ions can have positive effects. This is partly due to the chemical reactions the ions have with your body tissues. Now let’s dive into researching the benefits of negative ionization, the risks and possible side effects of exposure, and the discovery of negative ions.

Here’s what years of research have and have not uncovered. Research indeed supports that exposure to negative ions causes:

– reduction of symptoms of depression in some people

– energizing influence on certain body systems and on cognitive performance

– microbial and viral purification of the ambient air of a house or office

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Depressive symptoms and well-being

Hours of exposure to negative ions can reduce symptoms of depression. High levels of exposure (several hours or more) to negative ions caused people with chronic depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to record lower scores in surveys of their symptoms of depression. A shorter duration of exposure to negative ions can have a positive effect on seasonal depression. Lower exposure levels (about 30 minutes) were enough to help people with SAD. A very small study in 2015 found a slight improvement in cognitive performance after short-term exposure to negative ions.

A 2018 study, researchers looked at 100 years of studies and found evidence that negative ions could have an effect on health:

– help regulate sleep patterns and mood

– reduce stress

– stimulate the functioning of the immune system

– increase metabolism

Find some negative ions naturally

The best way to expose yourself to negative ions is to go where they naturally exist, including:

– Go out in the rain.

– Visit a waterfall, stream, shore or beach.

– Sit near a decorative water fountain, often found in parks, shopping areas, and the lobbies of office buildings and hotels.

The air purifiers emit from negative ions that kill viruses in the open air

Many generators inegative ons“ionizers” or “ air purifiers can contribute to reducing by 97% the polluting particles found in the ambient air of a room.

The negative ions can kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, virus and harmful mold species, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

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To purify the air in your home and office, you need a air purifier quite powerful and of good quality, you can find them on the internet like this one:


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