All about coconut oil

Copra oil is also known as coconut oil. It comes from the coconut tree. From its botanical name cocos nucifera among the Arecaceae or Palmaceae family, it comes to us from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is necessary to extract the dry pulp of coconut to obtain coconut oil.

Properties of coconut oil

Generally, thecoconut oil is white in color. It does not have a particular smell. In terms of texture, it can be solid if kept in the fridge. However, it is liquid if stored in a place above 25 degrees. Below 25 degrees, coconut oil will have a semi-solid texture. I’coconut oil doesn’t have any taste either. In the world of soap making, coconut oil is bleached, deodorized, odorless and tasteless.

Note that it is necessary to make the difference between extra-virgin coconut oil obtained from the fresh flesh of the coconut and coconut oil obtained from the dried albumen of the coconut.

Composition of coconut oil

In coconut oil, there are only fatty acids. No other active constituents make up this product. This fatty acid composition can however change depending on its production conditions. For example production by industrial refining.

Fatty acid composition

The first fatty acid in coconut oil is the monounsaturated fatty acid. It is 5 to 8% oleic acid or omega 9. Then there is polyunsaturated fatty acid 1 to 3 linoleic acid or omega 6. Finally there are saturated fatty acids. These are 40-50% lauric acids, 16-20% myristic acids, 6-8% palmitic acids, 6% capric acids, 5% caprylic acids.

How to use coconut oil

It is possible to use coconut oil by external application. Just apply it on the skin. Alternatively, coconut oil can be used as an anointing or massage.

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It is also possible touse coconut oil internally. It is about using coconut oil during high temperature cooking. Consumption of the oil is contraindicated if you are on a weight loss or cholesterol lowering diet.

Cosmetic aspect of coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benefits on the skin, but also on the hair. This is why this oil is very interesting in cosmetics. Apart from coconut oils, this oil can also be made into soap for daily use.

Main benefits

Coconut oil is recommended because it offers great stability against oxidation. Thus, it offers a high melting point up to 232°C. Cooking at high temperature is an advantage of coconut oil. By frying, you can use your coconut oil without any problem.


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