All about dips

All about dips

Dips are a polyarticular pushing exercise, which recruits a large number of muscles including the pectorals, shoulders and triceps.


To do dips, you have to position yourself on the dip machine with your arms locked, your legs crossed and your knees bent. Avoid leaning too far forward. Lower slowly while inhaling until the arms form a 90 degree angle. During the ascent, it is necessary to contract the triceps and the shoulders until returning to the starting position while blowing. At the top of the movement, contract your triceps, shoulders and pecs as hard as possible, then come back down while inhaling.


You can usually change the grip by spreading the wrists apart or bringing them together. A wide grip will target the pectorals and intercostal muscles more. A tighter grip will place more emphasis on the triceps and shoulders. If you manage to perform more than twenty bodyweight dips, it will be wise to weight yourself down to increase the difficulty.

The V-shaped silhouette

Dips are often called “upper body squats” and with good reason. This is an exceptional movement to widen the bust and strengthen the muscles that contribute to a V-shape, including the shoulders and intercostal muscles. Incorporating dips into your chest session will allow your muscles to develop in a balanced way. Dips promote a stretching of the pectorals that no other exercise allows. This pectoral elongation solicits a balanced development of the torso, which is essential for aesthetics but also and above all for the prevention of injuries.

Psssssst :  Misconception: You have to dry first before you gain muscle


Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the dips make you stronger. Strengthening your arms and pecs means more strength potential on the bench press for example. In addition, many stabilizing muscles work during dips, allowing you to control your weight and stabilize yourself.

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