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It is a stimulation technique of a set of points used by professionals. Physiotherapists, osteopaths or massage therapists practice the Bowen technique after 12 to 18 months of training. They use them as a complement to their practice. It is a manual and autonomous therapy. This means that it cannot be combined with other methods. These include physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy. Except in case of illness or trauma. In these cases, the association is between it and traditional medicine.

How was she born?

Australian Thomas Ambrose Bowen invented this technique. He relieved with his wife suffering from asthma attack. According to Bowen’s experiments, it requires soft tissue manipulation and good nutrition. The Bowen therapists share the opinion on the relaxing and stimulating effects of the technique. Thus, it allows the stimulation of the muscles and the Golgi tendon reflex section.

Until today, only one study is carried out on 20 patients. They suffered from adhesive capsulitis. 70% of patients are fully recovered. However, it is not reimbursed by insurance given the lack of scientific evidence. This puts it on Quackwatch’s list of questionable treatments.

What are its effects on the body?

The effects vary depending on the direction of stimulation performed by the practitioner. Thus, 3 parameters must be taken into account: the patient, the practitioner and the pain to be relieved.

The stimuli cause a deep relaxation. The gentle movements associated with engenders the release of stress from areas lodged within the muscles. In external response, we can observe releases of heat and tingling. The patient becomes highly aware of sensitive areas.

The body has a capacity for self-regulation and self-normalization. The stimulations indicate to the body the use of its capacities. Then sending strong messages to the central nervous system. So the self-healing mechanism is accelerating.

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How does a therapy session using this technique work?

A typical session lasts around 30-45 minutes. Before the practice, a thorough discussion between the patient and the practitioner is essential. As a result, the practitioner can know the reason for the visit but also the weak points of the patient.

It takes a series of breaks of 2 to 5 minutes during a session. This is to allow the body to respond to treatments. Thus, the organization can integrate the information into its the nervous system central. A session then comprises a series of three to five sequences.

The duration of a session is only 10 to 15 minutes for sensitive individuals.

The practitioner first works on key joints in the body. That is, stress concentration points like the lower and upper back. Only then does it attack the specific points of the person to be treated.

The technique can be used by everyone, even infants. But you should not receive another manual treatment at least 7 days after a session.


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