All the health benefits of lamb’s quarters

Coming from North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, lamb’s quarters has been eaten for years as flour and cereals. It can also be found in different countries around the world. Ansérine blanche, fat cabbage or even wild spinach: these are all names attributed to lamb’s quarters, which is a wild plant 30 to 200 cm high. Chenopodium album L. is its scientific name used since 1753.Belonging to the Amaranthaceae family, it is a vegetable that has no cholesterol. On the other hand, it has important nutritional values ​​and numerous therapeutic indications. Its leaves contain proteins, calcium, vitamins A and C. Phosphorus, mineral salts, vitamins B2 and PP are also found in lamb’s quarters.

Who can really benefit from this plant?

Lamb’s-quarters is your best companion if you want losing weight or if you want to have an hourglass figure. Indeed, this plant effectively promotes weight loss. This is an essential element not to be overlooked if you follow a slimming diet. In fact, it is filled with water, which favors obtaining a feeling of satiety in an easy way.

People suffering from different diseases can also benefit from the benefits of lamb’s quarters. With the advice of a doctor, the latter can effectively solve kidney, lithiasic, hepatic and arthritic problems.

Why use lamb’s quarters?

This plant has refreshing and sedative properties.

These are the stems, leaves and young shoots of lamb’s quarters which are often used in cooking. Indeed, this herbaceous plant goes perfectly with salads, rice, soups or even pasta toppings. With a floury property, it is also perfect for breads and pancakes.

Apart from its various benefits, it is also accessible almost everywhere. It adapts to all types of soil, and easily integrates into your vegetable garden.

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A green dye can be extracted from the young shoots of lamb’s quarters. Its roots can yield a mild soap substitute.

For greater therapeutic efficacy, only young lamb’s-quarters plants are used.

Form and use of lamb’s quarters

Lamb’s-quarters is recognized by its ideally crow’s-foot-shaped leaves, which are colored a whitish-green. Its use in herbal medicine is varied. It is its leaves and seeds that are transformed. Lamb’s-quarters is available as a poultice, infusion, tincture or decoction.

Should we be careful with its use?

Regardless of the chosen preparation, it causes only positive effects on the body. It can even provide up to 58 calories. Furthermore, it has constituents (nitrates, saponin and oxalic acid) that can cause adverse effects on the body. So, it should not be eaten raw.


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