All the profits you can get with vegetable castor oil

Castor is a virtuous plant of the same family as Euphorbiaceae. This plant of tropical origin comes from India and belongs to the genus “Ricinus”. A herbaceous, arborescent and annual plant 1 to 5 m high which has multiple virtues. Used for millennia for therapeutic, ornamental and cosmetic purposes. Indeed, 4000 years before Christ, we find traces of the use of castor oil. At that time, it was used as fuel for lamps and to cure all the discomforts of everyday life. Castor oil or castor oil designates a non-food vegetable oil. A colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid that comes primarily from cold pressing the seeds of this plant.

The link between its composition and its production conditions

The quality and general composition of thevegetable castor oil depends in particular on the conditions of production. To avoid being disappointed with the quality of its oil, choose an extra virgin and organic oil. The oil must also be obtained by first cold pressing.

Castor oil contains triple glycerol esters, ricinolein and fatty acids.

The fatty acids contained in vegetable castor oil

I’vegetable castor oil contains a significant amount of fatty acid:

  • Gas phase chromatography of batch 19HV0224, 7.41% linoleic acids (omega-6) and 5.23% oleic acids (omega-9). Ricinoleic acid 77.78%, palmitic acid 1.88% and stearic acid 2.23%
  • Gas phase chromatography of batch 20HV0085, linoleic acids 7.26%, ricinoleic acids 81.97%, oleic acid 4.87%. Palmitic acid 1.74% and stearic acid 2.13%.
  • Gas phase chromatography of batch 20HV0123. Polyunsaturated essential fatty acids 6.85%. Ricinoleic acid 82.30%, oleic acid 4.76%, palmitic acid 1.64% and stearic acid 2.07%.
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Different uses of vegetable castor oil

Vegetable castor oil is particularly used externally (cutaneous application). It is applied locally in massage, friction or unction. In the bath, it must be mixed with a tension-active agent such as a liquid soap or a shower gel. It is easy to handle and at a reasonable dose, it does not cause danger. Internal use is strictly prohibited.

Cosmetic care with castor oil

Its virtues on hair care keep showing up and growing. It produces real miracles on the hair while protecting the scalp and reducing hair loss. It is particularly recommended for those who have difficulty in regrowing this hair. It also strengthens the nails and promotes regrow eyelashes.

The benefits of castor vegetable oil

The benefits of vegetable castor oil on the skin no longer date from yesterday. Indeed, according to the story, Queen Cleopatra uses it to remove her makeup. In fact, it is an ancient oil that can contribute to the prevention of acne and wrinkles.


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