Anti-stress food supplements

As we saw in the previous article, certain nutrients are essential to allow you to fight against stress. However, the amounts needed to obtain the beneficial effects of these nutrients require higher feed intake. This can lead to a certain weariness, disgust, or even excessive energy intake leading to weight gain.

Taking food supplements is therefore interesting in such a situation, so as to meet the nutritional needs without increasing energy intake.

Note all the same that a raw diet is recommended insofar as it provides other interesting nutrients than the one targeted to fight against stress.

Omega 3

You could totally eat more oily fish or oils plants but you would expose yourself to two risks:

  • Oily fish are the ones that accumulate the most toxic waste, because these deniers are stored in fatty tissue.
  • Vegetable oils rich in omega 3 are very sensitive to heat, but also to open air. Their preservation is therefore difficult.

A safe solution is to consume omega 3 in the form of dietary supplements. in order to ensure a quality supply.

Note that an EPA and DHA ratio must be adapted to your weight.

Vitamin C

In the latter case, then you should increase the number of daily doses. Because in this form, which is the pure molecule, vitamin C is less well absorbed. It will therefore be necessary to multiply the catches to ensure a correct intake.


Three forms of magnesium are distinguished by their bioavailability:

  • Magnesium citrate
  • Magnesium bisglycinate
  • Magnesium aspartate


Rhodiola is a plant that is found in many food supplements because studies abound on it. It would have the ability to increase mental abilities and concentration, but also to reduce cortisol secretion.

All the molecules having an influence on your cortisol secretion are interesting.

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However, there are many effective methods which, combined with these dietary supplements and a healthy diet, will allow you to limit stress.


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