Apis Mellifica treats angina, allergy and colds

Homeopathic remedies can really cure many sick people thanks to its great therapeutic effectiveness. Currently, many homeopathic medicines of animal, vegetable or chemical origin can be accessed. If we talk a little about the Apis Mellifica? Where does it come from and what can it be used for? You will be amazed because it is an exceptional homeopathic preparation. In fact, it designates a strain of the poison sac and stinger of a bee of the order Hymenoptera. The name of this remedy comes from the bee belonging to the Apidae family and which comes in particular from Europe. A frequently domesticated stinging and honey-producing insect. The mother tincture is obtained by macerating the entire body of living worker bees in alcohol.

Apis Mellifica is a homeopathic strain allied to health

The virtues of the Apis Mellifica bee are confirmed in its powers to treat swelling, stinging and burning pain. This drug actually treats the symptoms that occur after a sting from a bee or other insects. Mainly used in cases of rheumatism, cystitis, eye diseases or ailments related to the ENT sphere.

A perfect ally in certain situations: allergic rhinitis, infectious rhinitis, otitis, angina, allergy, migraine headache, cystitis urinary tract infection, pharyngitis or conjunctivitis. It is used in case of skin conditions or joint and circulatory disorders. Here is the evocative sign of Apis Mellifica in dermatology: edema accompanied by itching improved by cold. This remedy can also treat herpes, cysts, styes, lucite, urticaria and solar erythema.

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To avoid abuse, how to take Apis Mellifica?

the Apis Mellifica is sold in pharmacies (physical or online) in several forms. Indeed, this strain comes in suppositories, granules, drinkable ampoules, drops and globule doses. It should be taken away from tobacco, mint or coffee. As a general rule, there are two main dosages:

  • For acute cases (5 pellets, 9 to 15 CH, every 10 minutes), taken to be spaced according to the improvements.
  • For chronic or subacute cases (5 pellets of 9 to 15 CH, two to four doses/24 hours.

For more precision, we give you these few examples of proportions:

  • How? ‘Or’ What relieve skin edema such as frostbite, insect bites and whitlow? In this case, use 5 CH or 10 DH, 3 pellets every 10 to 20 minutes.
  • To treat skin pruritus, take 7 CH or 14 DH, 3 pellets. You can take this preparation during the day as soon as the need arises.
  • For treat sunburnevery 2 hours, take 7 CH or 14 DH at the rate of 3 granules per day.


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