Are stabilizing muscles important? How to develop them?

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We often hear about muscles such as biceps, triceps or pecs, but what about stabilizing muscles? The stabilizing muscles are the foundations that help the individual maintain proper posture in the environment, promoting balance during movement. These muscles are not directly involved in bodybuilding movements, but they help the body to stay stable during muscle contractions during your weight training sessions.

The role of stabilizing muscles

If stabilizing muscles didn’t exist, your body would slump in on itself during a deadlift because there would be no balance or stabilization. These muscles tend to be more active during exercises with free weights (barbells and dumbbells) because they must balance the load over the full range of motion, unlike a machine that assists the motion.

How to strengthen deep muscles?

How to work them? Perform a gradual increase in loads with free weights. The preferred exercises are therefore bench press, squat, rowing, military press and deadlift. It is imperative to include exercises with dumbbells in your program because the movements with dumbbells are the ones that best recruit the stabilizing muscles.
If we can strengthen the stabilizing muscles, it is unfortunately also possible to weaken them! If you only use machines or overdo them in your program compared to the basic exercises, you risk weakening these stabilizers. So don’t take the risk of selecting only machines in your bodybuilding program.


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