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It’s not always easy to find your way around the dietary and nutritional recommendations that are given here and there. They change over time, multiply according to articles in the press, recommendations from health institutions and sometimes contradict each other from one study to another or from one expert to another.

It must be said that nutrition is such a vast, complex subject that brings together several aspects. It is necessary to be able to distinguish between fundamental nutrition, which is concerned with the biological processes relating to the action of nutrients at the level of the cells and tissues of the body, preventive nutrition and clinical nutrition, which relate to the needs particular nutrients of individuals and groups adapted to healthy or sick people and public health nutrition, focused on the nutritional health of populations.

In general, nutrition is concerned with the roles of nutrients in the human body and their interactions, as well as the nutritional needs of individuals and populations.

It also takes into consideration the elements that influence food choices such as food behaviors and the food environment shaped by socioeconomic, technological or other factors.

So what remains of all that, notions common to a good knowledge of nutrition that do not vary or vary very little.

Do you know them ? Do you put them into practice on a daily basis? Do you know how to make a good breakfast, a dinner that is balanced and healthy? Do you know how to marry lipids, proteins and carbohydrates at each meal. This little test will allow you to review the essential points of good nutrition, individual and family.

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