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Woman building her arms

Strengthening your arms will allow you to be stronger and improve your muscular performance in many exercises that require the use of the arms. Aesthetically speaking, well-defined arms will allow you to prevent the skin from falling (under the triceps in particular) or being “too soft”. They will also give an athletic side to your figure.. Ladies, we invite you to read this article to know the exercises that you absolutely must practice to tone your arms and take advantage of some tips to avoid stagnation.

The arms: a muscle group made up of 2 large muscles

The arms are made up of several muscle groups: the biceps, triceps and forearms, with each muscle made up of several portions. Since the forearms are involved in all exercises that recruit the arms, we will not deal with the development of this muscle.

Exercises to build biceps

The curl at the bar

Curl bar Ez woman

Dumbbell Curl

Woman dumbbell curl

The concentrated curl

Female Concentrated Curl

The desk curl

Biceps desk curl

Hammer grip curl

Woman Hammer Grip Curl

Exercises to build triceps

The kickback

Tricep kickback

Forehead barbell tricep extensions

french press woman

Vertical dumbbell extensions

Woman dumbbell triceps extensions

The dips

Woman triceps dips

pulley extensions

Women's pulley extensions

Focus on these exercises that strengthen the biceps

The concentrated curl: This exercise allows maximum contraction of the biceps while having the arm perfectly stabilized and without any means of “cheating” during its execution. Keep your elbow firmly against the inner side of your thigh.

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Lectern Biceps Curl : This exercise allows the bilateral recruitment of the biceps, which are wedged on the desk. During this movement, which is also called “Larry Scott Curl”, there is no possibility of cheating by helping you with your back. It is ideal for having strong and dense biceps. Consider adopting a grip just above shoulder width.

The hammer grip : It offers the advantage of working the biceps from another angle, with a very different resistance. This exercise is really interesting for finishing. It is important to keep the arms against the sides and to maintain the maximum contraction for 2 or 3 seconds for maximum sensation.

Focus on these exercises that strengthen the triceps

The women’s program to strengthen the arms

Women's arm training program

Our tips for toning your arms

If the triceps are a weak point

If your triceps aren’t toned enough for you, train them with free weights (bars and dumbbells) because they require precise contraction and concentration for the movement to be effective. So you will solicit more muscle fibers and catch up. It is also the best way to have strong and resistant muscular foundations.

Don’t over train

We can not emphasize this enough. Arms are small muscles, so it’s important to give them time to tone and grow. Wait at least 48 hours to train the arms again. Remember that it is during muscle recovery that muscles progress, not during training.

thinking about stretching

It is very important to stretch the arms well to facilitate their recovery, but also to avoid any risk of injury. Plus, stretching promotes the flexibility needed to keep your joints strong and healthy.

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