Arnold’s neuralgia: two sessions to make it disappear

Osteopathy is a very effective natural medicine in Arnold’s neuralgia, reinforced by auriculotherapy, these two methods quickly relieve Arnold’s neuralgia.

  • Act on the cervical
  • Arnold’s neuralgia goes away in less than a week
  • Auriculotherapy as reinforcement
  • Arnold’s neuralgia is pain that starts at the top of the neck and radiates behind the head to the right or left. It is a deliberately intense pain, sometimes dazzling, which can considerably interfere with the life of the subjects who suffer from it. The examinations, in particular radiographic examinations, are often normal or show a “banal” osteoarthritis which is in fact not the cause of the pain. The classic treatment consists of giving anti-inflammatories, analgesics, performing cortisone infiltrations or even offering certain anti-depressants.

    Act on the cervical

    For osteopathy, Arnold’s neuralgia corresponds to an irritation of a neck nerve linked to mini-displacements of certain vertebrae located in the upper neck or to contractures of certain neck muscles which trap the nerve. The pitfall is that the patient actually rarely has neck pain, that his neck sometimes moves well in all directions. It is therefore necessary to examine the neck precisely, to press on specific places of the vertebrae to reconstruct the origin of this Arnold’s neuralgia.

    The treatment consists of specifically treating the vertebra or vertebrae in question or the contracted muscles.

    Arnold’s neuralgia goes away in less than a week

    Sylvie R., computer scientist, 38 years old, has suffered from Arnold’s neuralgia for 1 year. The symptoms appeared gradually 6 months after a minor fall from a horse. Sylvie R. never felt pain in the neck following her trauma. The pains are typically located under the bump of the skull. They are frequent, willingly intense and tenacious despite drug treatment.

    By dint of suffering, Sylvie R. accumulates work stoppages, repeated medical consultations and gradually sinks into a state of depression. She consults an osteopath. The latter makes the diagnosis of a mini-displacement of the second cervical vertebra. After gentle manipulation of the vertebra, Arnold’s neuralgia disappears in less than a week…

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    Auriculotherapy as reinforcement

    Auriculotherapy or auricular acupuncture is also very effective in this disease. It consists of pricking certain areas of the ear with sterile needles. Thus placed in the right place, the needles often make it possible to reduce the intensity of the pains, the muscular contractures, while relaxing the patient. Two sessions of auriculotherapy are usually effective.


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