Aromatherapy and its privileges on health

Aromatherapy defines the use of aromatic substances extracted from plants. Indeed, it indicates the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. From a distillation of the leaves, flowering tops, roots or bark, these healing essences are obtained. In particular antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, anxiolytics and anti-infectives, they still have countless other properties. Its fragrances offer healing properties, soothe tensions and naturally relieve mental fatigue. In summary, aromatherapy is the act of treating oneself with fluid liquids obtained from plants.

Particularities of aromatherapy: what is its history?

Aromatherapy is not a newly discovered form of therapy, but it dates back to ancient civilizations. The Egyptians are the first users, followed by the Chinese and the Indians. The Greeks and Romans used it mainly in the form of greasy ointments. As the herbal medicine, it is used to treat diseases with products derived from medicinal plants. Aromatherapy specifically uses essential oils. From the 10th century until today, pharmacopoeias have taken advantage of its advantages and the extraction processes are constantly improving. Practitioners working in this therapeutic area are called aromatologist or aromatherapist.

Benefits and therapeutic reasons related to its use

L’aromatherapy solves infectious diseases, bacterial or viral infections, oily skin, varicose veins and cellulitis. It cures problematic digestions, heartburn, acne, bloating, heavy legs and epidemics. Aromatherapy freshens the air, fights against intestinal diseases and solves all problems of the respiratory system. It promotes good blood circulation and prevents heart disease (hypertension, hypotension, stroke, heart attack, fluid retention).

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The treatments with aromatic essences alleviate all forms of depression: anxiety, pessimism, anxiety, fatigue, stress, aggressiveness or melancholy. It ensures perfect well-being, increases the joy of living, provides a moment of rest and relaxation. If you have sleep problems or insomnia, it effectively helps you find good sleep. It also repairs the lack of self-confidence and optimizes self-assertion.

Its virtues are accessible in its different forms of use

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used:

  • In cutaneous application: in massage, friction, bath or cold compress.
  • By the respiratory route: by olfaction, by diffusion or by inhalation.
  • Internally: vaginally, orally or rectally

To benefit from all the advantages of this ttherapy, it is necessary to know the precautions for use and the contraindications. It also shields you from any possible side effects, dangers, or risks associated with its use. It requires total compliance with the previously recommended dose and requires medical advice in some people. That is, women (pregnant or lactating) and children (under 7 years old). The aromatic liquids require dilution with vegetable oils and after external application the sun should be avoided. Above all, treatment with this method should not be prolonged.

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