Art therapy, is it a form of natural care or not?

To treat yourself naturally, you have access to several effective, easy, practical and painless means. There is a whole range of natural therapies that particularly promote the health of our body in general. This is the case of art therapy, which is used to use art to treat patients. It is not an illusion, one can now heal oneself simply by practicing various forms of art. Art therapy defines the use of different artistic methods (sculptures, pottery, singing, drawings, music, paintings, dances, etc.) for medicinal purposes. It allows the improvement of mental aptitude, emotional capacity and the maintenance of good physical health. The goal is to provide patients with the ability to better express themselves and let out suffering or emotions. So what are you waiting for? Get healed with artistic activities.

This discipline enters the history of natural care

the art therapy concept does not date from yesterday but already several centuries ago. Indeed, and ancient Greece already knew the therapeutic and cathartic virtues of the arts. Moreover, throughout history and through different cultures, we always discover testimonies. People keep talking about the benefits of various arts on mental state and bodily health. Several health sectors and medical centers are currently using this formula of psychotherapy.

Diseases that can be cured with artistic activities

According to some therapeutic publications, practitioners confirm that art therapy vigorously reduces cortisol levels (hormone secreted following stress). It treats phobias and it is also indicated in case of physiological or psychic dysfunctions. With its soothing aspect, it effectively calms depression, anxieties and anxieties.

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Art therapy allows the patient to re-establish a real dialogue between others and himself. It allows the discovery of other facets of oneself and optimizes verbalization of thoughts or emotions. It encourages creativity and personal development. It also detects and enhances communication skills that are often leaked or untapped.

What are the different forms of art therapy?

As we said earlier, theart therapy brings together several disciplines. Indeed, this technique uses various supports and essentially artistic tools. Individuals wishing to experience healing through art have great freedom of choice. Very effective in a group, but it can also be practiced solo. It is a dynamic process that requires your participation. During a session, the guide presents a theme and individually the participants work on their own project. A session can last between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Throughout the session, verbal and visual communication between them is strongly encouraged. At the end, we still allocate a maximum of time to be able to discuss and express ourselves. This approach not only helps people who are struggling to assert themselves, but it notably reduces more assertive behaviors.


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