Art-Therapy: knowing yourself and evolving through drawing

Our personal unconscious is powerful, not to mention the collective unconscious, a term dear to Jung, in which humanity is immersed. Evolutionary art therapy is an approach allowing access to unconscious memories, which it is important to bring to awareness in order to be able to give ourselves the means to act and become an actor in our lives! The evolutionary drawing with dry pastels will be the privileged mediator to enter into communication with our unconscious and to interfere with it. But how does it work ?

Symbolic analysis: the language of the unconscious

In a spontaneous and instinctive drawing, as in a dream, our unconscious expresses itself and uses symbols to do so: shapes, colors, characters, animals, objects, etc. The word symbol comes from the ancient Greek “sumbolon” ​​meaning “to put together, to join, to compare, to meet”.

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In Greece, a symbol was literally and originally a shard of pottery broken into two pieces and shared between two contractors. Figuratively, the word symbol becomes the set that reads two representations of the same meaning. The symbol re-unites. It allows us to connect to the invisible and to give meaning to our life by the fact that we manage to link things together. The symbol is the visible term of a representation whose other term is invisible.

It’s a bit like an iceberg, you can see the emerging part of the water, but you can’t see the hidden part, which is much larger than the apparent one. The symbol therefore allows us to enter into communication with our unconscious, which knows no other language. To understand what our unconscious tells us through the drawing, we will analyze its language, that is to say the symbols by making associations of ideas. Be careful to note that there is not a single interpretation but different ways of analyzing the symbols

This symbolic reading which allows access to awareness will enrich the psychological analysis which is based on the concepts of humanistic psychology, an approach based on a positive vision of the human being, with in particular Roberto Assagioli, creator of the Psychosynthesis, Abraham Maslow and Carl Gustav Jung.

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Transform by changing our vision of ourselves

By putting words on what a drawing reveals to us, awareness is raised. The unconscious is thus revealed. Consciousness enables change. If the unconscious is not looked at, it cannot be transformed and therefore evolution is not possible. It is at this point that the person will be able to make his drawing evolve in consciousness by using the same language as the unconscious, the symbol. Thus, through the drawing and its transformation, a dialogue is established between the conscious and the unconscious.

To enter the process of evolution, not only the symbolic and psychological analysis of the works is important, but also their transformation by the creator himself. By changing their drawing, the person will also change the vision they have of themselves. What is important in this process is not the work itself, but its transformation in a positive way.

« Evolutionary artistic expression awakens dormant energies, restores the taste for life and helps the person to feel they exist. »


Evolutionary Art Therapist: accompanies children, teenagers and adults in the release and expression of their creative potential. She receives in the office in individual sessions, in groups during internships, with associations such as France Alzheimer, Media Youth, Bleu Soleil, in nursing homes, schools.

Author of the books: “When Creativity Opens the Heart” at Editions Edilivre, and “C’est Parti, je suis Créatif” at Editions Solar.

Speaker: within a Franco-Swiss network of art therapists, she regularly leads conferences on different fields of application of evolutionary art therapy, such as confidence and self-esteem, welcoming of its qualities, the discovery and expression of its creative potential.

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Co-founder and president of the association Tout Un Art specialized in Health and Well-Being.

06 10 88 68 22 – [email protected]



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