Atlas Cedar essential oil, for a healthy body

Originally from North Africa, the Atlas Cedar has a very fragrant resin and a great look. Thanks to its advantages and its various virtues, the wood of this plant contributes to the production of an essential oil. Moreover, to end various ailments, some therapists suggest the use of Atlas Cedar essential oil.

What are the benefits of this oil?

I’Atlas cedar essential oil integrates different compounds such as sesquiterpenes or ketones. Thanks to its components, it has several properties such as:

  • A lipolytic property and draining: sesquiterpenes participate in the decomposition of fats as well as their elimination;
  • Its sesquiterpene content allows it to be an excellent decongestant, a anti-inflammatory and an antifungal ;
  • A lymphotonic property;
  • It is a good natural sedative;
  • Containing atlantones, it has effects: calming and healing.

When should I use this product?

With its many properties, Atlas Cedar essential oil treats various diseases:

  • It soothes skin problems such as acne or fungal infections ;
  • Thanks to its ability to break down fat, it is used to reduce cellulite and improve your figure;
  • It is effective in treating circulatory problems and strengthening the immune system;
  • Having an expectorant property, it is ideal in case of colds or flu. It turns out to be very practical in case of viral infections;
  • It remedies sleep disorders;
  • It relieves joint pain.

This oil also improves your well-being by helping you to fight stresswaitress tension or anxiety.

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Atlas cedar oil: for which symptoms?

Used in aromatherapy or as a treatment, this oil has different modes of use:

  • It is applied to the skin for the health of your hair, for skin problems or respiratory disorders. However, it should be diluted with vegetable oils or a shampoo, for the care of the scalp. Remember to limit its dose to 20%. To cure the liver, you can dilute a drop of this product with a drop of mint. All that remains is to apply it to a neutral tablet before taking it;
  • It is used orally, but this use is only made with medical authorization;
  • It is accessible by broadcast in order to prevent different infections.

Nevertheless, despite these numerous instructions for use, remember to take advice from professionals before use. Indeed, the dose and the method of administration differ according to the age and state of health of each person.

Recommendations to follow before use

Atlas Cedar essential oil shows great effectiveness in many areas. However, it can be dangerous for some people or in case of overdose. Indeed, it is not used on:

  • Children under the age of 10;
  • epileptics;
  • Old people ;
  • People allergic to essential oils.

Thanks to its composition in ketones, it presents an abortifacient risk. Therefore, it should be avoided in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Use it only after medical advice. In addition, in aromatherapy, it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional to know the adequate dose. This oil is not for cooking.


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