Aurum Metallicum, the strain of congestive hypertension

Homeopathic solutions or preparations share many therapeutic virtues. More than 160 homeopathic medicines are currently on sale in physical or online pharmaceutical shops. These various remedies are generally of vegetable, chemical or animal origin. The homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum comes from the famous stainless metal that we all know as gold. Economically, it is a very well-known treasure that has priceless and imperishable values. Considered a real source of wealth, gold nuggets also produce a whole host of healing properties. Reduced or transformed into a homeopathic powder, this flake metal has euphoric effects. Before being integrated into a homeopathic solution, it goes through a process or process of mechanical erosion.

Aurum Metallicum is a homeopathic health ally strain

The healing values ​​of Aurum Metallicum are identified in its various powers with cure troubles and ailments. This medicine takes care of all illnesses whether of physical or mental origin. Indeed, it regulates arterial hypertension (HTA) in congestives and the angry depressive state of sufferers of psychic troubles.

It is the ideal ally in various situations: deep depression, melancholy depressive state, palpitation, sinusitis, blotches, alcoholism, redhead and ozene. One can also enjoy the benefits of this remedy when suffering from uterine fibroids, purulent otitis and chronic rhinitis.

In order not to abuse, how to take Aurum Metallicum?

Marketed in online or physical pharmacies, theAurum Metallicum has multiple forms: ampoules, drops, doses and granules. It should be noted that the oral solutions contain alcohol. Therefore, the use of this remedy during pregnancy or breastfeeding requires a therapeutic prescription. The catches are made outside of tobacco, meals, coffee, spicy foods and mint. This strain can treat both chronic (or subacute) and severe (or acute) illnesses.

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A few size tips:

  • Rheumatic burns (chronic and nocturnal), 9 CH, 5 granules in the evening. Treatment to be taken over a long period (several months).
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia (due to bone pain at night), 9 CH at the rate of 5 granules in the evening before sleeping.
  • ENT disorders, 5 to 7 CH or 10 to 14 DH
  • Alcoholism, high blood pressure, joint and bone pain, 7 to 15 CH or 14 DH.
  • Depressive state with irritability, 9 to 30 CH.
  • Otitis associated with sinusitis (with severe pain), 5 or 7 CH – 10 or 14 DH, twice a day until symptoms improve.
  • Rheumatism (bone and joint pain at night), 7 to 15 CH or 14 DH, three times a day.

In case of depressionprefer the care offered by a homeopathic doctor who is very skilled in handling high dilutions.


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