Autumn: The 7 benefits of autumn on our physical and mental health

That’s it, we are in autumn. Sure, we could slowly but surely settle into hibernation readiness mode as the days get shorter, but that would be missing out on the goodness of fall.

On closer inspection, the conditions in autumn are just perfect for our mental and physical health. All this fresh air, all these beautiful colors, all the hot drinks and the excellent seasonal fruits and vegetables..! No doubt, fall can do incredible things for your health!

1) Take advantage of fall activities and chores, like picking apples and pumpkins or raking leaves to burn extra calories. Half an hour of raking leaves can burn 50 calories. And going apple picking for an hour and a half can burn over 300.

2) During the fall, fresh fruits and vegetables are in large quantities, visit your market gardener and stock up. For example: apples, which have cholesterol-lowering powers, due to their high fiber content, pumpkins and sweet potatoes, which are both high in vitamin E and low in calories. Figs, which have high levels of fiber and potassium. Mushrooms and their extraordinary health benefits.

3) With the onset of fall, the temperatures are finally starting to drop, so what better way to celebrate than by heading outside without having to worry about the dangers of heatstroke? Temperatures are moderate, which is why getting out for fresh air and activity is easier and more comfortable.

As the first chills push men indoors, seize the opportunity to share friendship, but not germs, by practicing basic health behaviors such as hand washing and getting vaccinated. against the flu.

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4) Winter time is coming, that is to say that we will gain an extra hour of sleep. It’s not only good for our tired bodies, but it could also have a beneficial effect on heart attack risk, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

5) It’s good to be a fall baby! Research by scientists at the University of Chicago has found that people born in the fall months are more likely to live to age 100, as reported in the journal New Scientist. This study focused on 1,500 centenarians born between 1880 and 1895.

Months of birth have been found to have a significant long-term effect on survival to age 100: siblings born in September-November are more likely to become centenarians than siblings born in March. The researchers hypothesized that seasonal infections (with long-lasting effects) might play a role in the difference in longevity.

6) There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot beverage indoors when the evenings start to get chilly. Luckily, many of our favorite hot beverages — like green tea, black tea, and coffee — are loaded with nutrients.

Green tea, for example, is rich in antioxidant polyphenols that are able to help our body fight against cell-damaging free radicals acquired through the environment. Coffee, which also contains antioxidants.

7) For people with children who are in school, fall marks the beginning of a new routine set after summer free time. Which is good for our health. For example, waking up and going to bed at the same time every day promotes healthy sleep.

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Choose the children’s extra-curricular activities and why not participate in some with them. Or better yet, choose your own physical or social activities while the kids do theirs.

No doubt, autumn is a perfect season to take care of ourselves and our health.


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