Baby food, look at labels, wake up to taste

As we know, health starts with the plate. And it starts in the cradle! If until the age of one year, all is well in terms of food, after the milestone of the first candle, things go wrong: 53% of 13/18 month olds already eat like adults!

But what do moms do?

A little overwhelmed, they often choose the easy way: the little jar that makes a “pop” when opened, certainly irreproachable in terms of nutritional quality and food safety but sometimes a little light in terms of flavors. Result, and supporting study, by dint of swallowing small jars, babies who have grown up will not have a varied and balanced diet. Another trend, the single menu for the whole family! By forgetting that a toddler does not have the same physiological needs as an adult and that his organs, kidney, liver, stomach, are not yet mature. To him pizzas (13% of 10-12 month olds consume it, and 81% of 31-36 month olds!), French fries (for 80% of children over 2 years old) and ketchup, mayonnaise and soda in front of the TV or even better, in the stroller. No wonder the childhood obesity curve is skyrocketing and today’s babies are adding to the number of diabetes, hypertension, cancers and cardiovascular diseases of tomorrow. Not to mention that it’s not the best strategy to turn them into knowledgeable gourmets.

Organic baby

Yet introducing baby to good taste and healthy food when you don’t have time to cook is not an impossible mission. All you have to do is sort through the shelves or call on the ideas of smart moms who have already worked on the subject. Because everything is not to be thrown away, but on condition that you bet on products whose percentages of raw materials are the highest, with the fewest possible additives, and preferably organic, because they are richer in nutrients and controlled up to 260 times against 166 for a normal small pot.

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The shortest list

Non-organic side, difficult to know where to turn. No less than 350 varieties on average in the baby food section of supermarkets! So trust the labels: the shorter the list of ingredients, the better.

All children are born with the possibility of liking the good things, it is up to the parents to open this tasty world to them by teaching them to eat well for life. Thanks WHO ? Thanks Mom !


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