Baby massage: massage oils and HE to relax, relieve, stimulate the baby

Baby massage is an ancestral art that will help the child develop with confidence, relieve digestive problems and stimulate different systems (hormonal and immune). To grow well, the baby needs milk, but also attention and “nourishing” contacts.

You don’t just feed a baby milk. You have to take him in your arms. You have to caress it, rock it. And massage it. “This little one, you have to talk to his skin, you have to talk to his back, which is as thirsty and hungry as his belly. » as Fréderic Leboyer says in his book « Shantala, a traditional art of children’s massage “.

Touch is the first of the senses that develops in utero, it is a language that baby understands immediately. Accompanied by the gaze of the parent massaging, the spoken or sung voice, this moment of attention contributes to the creation of the bond of parent/baby attachment. It is important to create a bubble of sweetness and to prepare to give the best of yourself. It is a moment of relaxation for the parents as well as for the child.

Baby massage is a tool that will help us sow small seeds of love to build a secure and reassuring emotional relationship with baby. Before each massage the parent observes the baby’s signs (open gaze, smile, chirping, or conversely crying, restlessness). He communicates with baby to better meet his expectations.

Soothe baby’s colic with massage

Inspired by Indian and Swedish massage, the massage will adapt to baby’s needs. A baby with colic can be soothed by rotating movements on the tummy (clockwise), or sliding the hand placed from the navel to the lower abdomen, alternating one hand then the other. which will help the transit. You can complete with gentle movements knees bent on the stomach.

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Better sleep, better learning

Baby massage promotes the production of the well-being hormone, oxytocin, which will reduce the stress of the baby and the parent who is massaging. A relaxed baby will have better sleep and so will his parents. It will also calm the reptilian brain and soothe baby, and therefore allow him to improve his learning abilities and encourage his openness to the world and promote harmonious social relations when he grows up.

Which oils to choose?

A vegetable oil, organic from the first cold pressing, will respect baby’s skin and nourish it, he can put his hands in his mouth without danger if you choose rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, or olive oil. coconut (in Asia). The choice of a neutral oil will make it possible not to interfere with parent-baby body odors. Absolutely avoid mineral or synthetic oils, the skin does not absorb them, also be careful with products containing additives (perfumes, preservatives, possible endocrine disruptors, or promoting allergies.)

You can also use sweet almond oil with moisturizing, softening and calming properties, skin regenerating borage oil for fragile skin, calendula oil for irritated sensitive skin will have a soothing and nourishing effect.

Essential oils in diffusion in the room and in massage after 3 years

Not necessary in baby massage, one can however use an HE to purify the room (HE of Ravintsara) or create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation (HE of Lavender officinalis) Diffuse for 5 minutes, then ventilate the room before the arrival of baby.

For the growing child, a few drops of essential oil can be added to the massage oil, from 3 years old. Depending on the desired effect (HE officinal lavender or Roman chamomile = soothing, HE of ravintsara = stimulating and antiviral, strengthening immunity (it can even be applied to babies diluted in a vegetable oil in massage of the soles of the feet)

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Workshops to train in baby massage

Baby massage is done at home by creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation or in a workshop guided by a baby massage instructor (cf: AFMB French Association of Baby Massage). You can then begin to learn the first gestures with confidence. The workshop is also a place where you can share your parenting skills and meet other parents.

Baby massage can start from birth, and be suitable for babies born prematurely.

I lead baby massage workshops in my region, and it is a real pleasure for me to accompany young parents, to see them evolve with baby, flourish, laugh, and share their joy.

It’s a privileged moment of sweetness, of happiness shared with your child, a gift for life!


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