Back compression, nothing irreparable

As time passes, the feeling of settling increases. Here are some tips and good everyday gestures to stop losing centimeters and not appear stooped either.

  • Preventing osteoporosis reduces the risk of compression
  • Good everyday gestures
  • Swimming pool, stretching: Practicing an extension sport
  • Smoking and back health don’t mix
  • Three causes are mainly at the origin of a compression of the back. First reason: With age, an inevitable pinching of the vertebral discs occurs. The discs are then less and less wide at each stage, and reduce overall a few centimeters. Second reason: osteoporosis, which can lead to fractures, pinching and compression of the vertebrae. Finally, third reason: If you do not stand straight, you can reduce your height by a loose posture and muscle relaxation of the back muscles.

    To avoid settling, the golden rule is to always stand up straight. Standing, sitting, bending down, working… posture is essential. Straightness is a position that provides rest for the spinal discs, which decreases the risk of them cracking. This posture also makes it possible to tone the muscles, to alleviate the tensions on the viscera and the abdominals and to reduce the constraints which are exerted on the back. When we stand straight, the back muscles are tense, which makes us taller! Just by adopting this posture, you look younger and more dynamic.

    Preventing osteoporosis reduces the risk of compression

    Limit your consumption of acidifying foods (such as hard cheeses such as Gouda, Emmental and Parmesan) which cause a loss of calcium. The more cheese you eat, the more you acidify your body. […] and the more your bones lose their calcium. Thus, even if the cheeses are rich in calcium, they are very acidifying, which is why they must be consumed with great moderation if you suffer from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. Also avoid charcuterie, fatty meats (lamb, pork) and cereals.

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    Instead, bet on foods rich in omega-3s (fatty fish, rapeseed and flaxseed oils, etc.), hydrate yourself abundantly and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in trace elements beneficial to health. bones. Also remember to stock up on animal and vegetable proteins.

    Good everyday gestures

    Good gestures are to be applied on a daily basis to protect your back from wear and tear. To pick up a heavy object, place it between your legs, bend your knees and lift it between your thighs, keeping your back as straight as possible. Every day: Remember to stand up straight and constantly adapt your posture. In the office, for example, the chair must have a backrest and you must sit well in it. The mistake not to make: carry a heavy object away from the belly, the center of gravity of the body.

    Swimming pool, stretching: Practicing an extension sport

    Consider working out your back (spinal muscles) and abs at the same time, because they work like a couple. Well muscled, they will form a solid box on which the vertebrae can rest. The risk of cracking the vertebral discs will then be minimized.

    To limit the risk of back compression, the practice of sport is a real ally, provided you choose your discipline carefully. Recommended sports: extension sports such as swimming, yoga, stretching, aquagym, postural gymnastics, Mézières physio or Pilates gym. Authorized sports, in moderation: jumping sports such as basketball.

    Sports to avoid: percussion sports such as football, rugby, judo or parachuting.

    A daily intake of vitamin D

    Vitamin D is essential for bone health, yet almost all of us are deficient. To remedy this, consider vitamin D supplements. But beware, the standards of 5 micrograms per day (200 units) are insufficient, it would rather be 20 micrograms (800 units) every day, from October to April. Avoid monodoses because they quickly increase the level of vitamin D in the body before causing its rapid fall. It is therefore preferable to consume it on a daily basis.

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    Smoking and back health don’t mix

    Tobacco is harmful for the joints of the back because it alters the micro-vessels which nourish the vertebral discs and therefore accelerates their degeneration.


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