Back pain: the food that relieves pain

Chronic back pain can be difficult to treat because, while some are related to injury or disease, others are not caused by any initial event (such as a back injury, infection or arthritis) .

In some cases, the pain can persist for weeks, months or even years without any obvious cause. These can be pains such as lower back pain, headaches or even pains that are related to the central or peripheral nervous system.

If you suffer from chronic pain, try making lifestyle changes, adapting your diet, relearning good posture, trying chiropractic, massage, herbal remedies and other natural methods, before resorting to medication. Diet can already bring you some relief.

4 changes to your diet to relieve back pain

1) Start by taking omega-3 fatty acids, like krill oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are the precursors of inflammation mediators called prostaglandins (this is also how anti-inflammatories work: they have a positive influence on prostaglandins). Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA have anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial in the treatment of pain.

2) Reduce your consumption of processed foods because not only do they contain sugars and additives, but most are also rich in omega-6 fatty acids which unbalance the fragile omega-3/omega-6 ratio, which contributes to inflammation, a key factor in most pain.

3) Eliminate or drastically reduce most grains and sugars (especially fructose) from your diet. Avoiding grains and sugars will lower your insulin and leptin levels. High levels of insulin and leptin are among the most important activators of inflammatory prostaglandin production. This is why cutting out sugar and grains is so important to control your pain.

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4) Optimize your production of vitamin D by regularly exposing yourself to the sun in an appropriate way, because it intervenes in different mechanisms to reduce your pain. This satisfies your body’s need for regular sun exposure.

Some habits to follow to avoid back pain

Back pain has become more and more common these days. However, this evil could well be avoided from simple practices.

This pathology once reserved only for the elderly has now become the problem of all: Children, adolescents, young adults, adults, all are concerned.

Between low back pain (pain in the lumbar vertebrae), back pain (pain in the back vertebrae), and sciatica (sciatic nerve pain), back pain is various.

Here is for you a list of 5 habits to adopt to avoid back pain

  • Maintain good posture:

It is the main cause of back pain for many of us. Poor sitting or walking postures promote its development. When you’re at the office, in front of a computer, or even when you’re walking, make the effort to always keep your spine straight. You can therefore for this purpose, limit the wearing of high heels for you ladies; sit straight on your office chair with the screen facing your eyes; bend your legs to pick up objects on the ground and not bend your back, especially when the object is heavy. Consult a physiotherapist for posture rehabilitation exercises.

2-Say no to a sedentary lifestyle:

The less you exercise, the more your muscles atrophy (loss of volume or weight of a muscle as well as its tone) and they become less able to support certain loads. Sedentary life causes muscles to weaken so that the slightest effort can cause muscle pain. So, play sports and strengthen your muscle tone

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3-Have a good diet:

A rich diet in vitamin D and calcium is recommended to avoid back pain. Promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. always think well hydrate yourself. The intervertebral discs (a sort of shock absorber present between the vertebrae) are made of 80% water. In the absence of water, they reduce in size and their function with it.

4- Sleep on a suitable mattress and pillow:

When buying a mattress many of us do not consider its impact on our health. In effect the soft mattresses respect the curves of our backs. Seek advice from an orthopedist or rheumatologist when selecting your mattress.

5-avoid stress:

Stress is a psychological state that has many consequences on mental and especially physical health. Indeed during a state of stress, the muscles contract. Precisely those neck and back. When these are kept contracted for a long time they produce pain. You should therefore prioritize relaxation exercises like yoga and meditation.

The list is not exhaustive, we could also add examples like : make children’s schoolbags lighter; stop smoking, avoid exposing your back to the cold, avoid weight gain just to mention these other causes.


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