Bad choice: The more “slimming” products you eat, the less physical activity you do

Caught in the trappings of marketing and images attached to physical activity and slimming, consumers of these products end up neglecting their physical activity. This produces the exact opposite effect to their initial wish to stay in shape, lose weight and be physically active.

This study focuses on the influence of products using a “slimming” image on consumers and their physical activity. Especially people concerned about their weight and attracted to so-called “slimming” or “healthy” food products. What about sports practice? Is the motivation to play sports stronger by consuming these ‘fitness’ products or, on the contrary, is it moderated? Analysis of the results by the authors.

The more “thin” it is, the less physical activity you do

Two types of snacks were offered to participants: an assortment of dried fruits and another bearing the name “fitness”, with the addition of an image of sports shoes on the packaging to reinforce its “fitness” image. “. This snack was presented to them in the afternoon, instead of their usual snack. The results show that people concerned about their weight are more likely to choose the ‘fitness’ snack than those who do not watch their diet, eat more of it and then do less physical activity.

Fewer “slimming” products and more physical activity

According to the authors, people watching their weight consume these products for the “thinness” image. They even perceive them as a substitute for sports practice, which is neglected by this illusion! The authors suggest that these brands display on their packaging, rather than a representation, vouchers for a sports session or even daily exercises in order to encourage physical activity.

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Koenigstorfer J and Baumgartner The Effect of Fitness Branding on Restrained Eaters’ Food Consumption and Postconsumption Physical Activity. H, Journal of Marketing Research

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