Baryta Iodata, remedy for enlarged tonsils

Currently far from being unknown, the benefits of homeopathic remedies are really numerous. These drugs can be of vegetable, animal or mineral origin and are used to improve physical health. Many choices and multiple homeopathic solutions are available to you. They can meet specific needs because each product has its own specificities. If you want to find the list of 190 homeopathic medicines, you can refer to the “Dr. Quemoun Homeopathy Bible”. But here, we will particularly talk about the homeopathic medicine Baryta Iodata. Presented in a 4 CH granule tube, this medicine is used in particular in behavioral disorders and in ENT.

A white powder of chemical origin, Baryta Iodata connotes a homeopathic strain from barium iodide. A preparation from Laboratoire Boiron intended to solve several health problems. Indeed, it is a toxic substance used in particular to treat patients and prevent discomfort. Obtained from the dilution of Baryta Iodata 4 CH, the granules are covered with lactose and sucrose.

Health problems that Baryta Iodata can solve

Baryta Iodata designates a homeopathic medicine very widely used in the prevention of diseases. It can also permanently treat certain pathologies. He treats angina, hoarseness, pneumonia, high blood pressure, behavioral disorders and infections of the lymph node system. Baryta Iodata can act in case of aphonia, purulent sputum, bronchitis, laryngitis, sleep disorders and chronic tonsillitis. In addition, it can treat behavioral disorders, difficulty concentrating and certain intellectual delays. In the elderly, it can improve certain disorders related to memory. In the arterial hypertension of its elderly people, this remedy will necessarily come in addition to an allopathic treatment. In a lean patient (who has an appetite), the Baryta Iodata also treats hypertension due to arteriosclerosis.

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Baryta Iodata prevents pathological aging such as memory loss and senility. In children who are a little chilly or nervous, it intervenes in the event of a delay in academic and intellectual development.

Different dosages of Baryta Iodata

Baryta Iodata consists of treating diseases through galenic forms of globules. Presenting no contraindications, this homeopathic product of limited action is often prescribed as an indication. It does not necessarily require the advice of a professional doctor.

In case of’enlarged tonsils, 9CH once a day for 6 months. In the prevention of angina, combine Baryta carbonica with a monthly dose of Tuberculinum 15 CH. In case of retarded intellectual development in children, 30 CH once or twice a week. To fight against pathological ageing, 9 CH once a day (20 days a month). In hypertensive episodes in the elderly, 9CH once a day for 6 months.


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