Belly Fat: Rapeseed Oil Melts Belly Fat

The consumption of rapeseed oil for 4 weeks would significantly reduce abdominal fat in people suffering from abdominal obesity. Rapeseed oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids as well as omega-3s. This oil has shown a positive effect on the structure of the human body especially in obese people. Abdominal fat is not only an aesthetic concern, it increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it is also associated with an increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Lose 100g of fat in 4 weeks

The researchers found that people who followed a diet rich in rapeseed oil for 4 weeks had 100 grams less abdominal fat at the end of the study compared to the weight at the start of the diet. According to the researchers, this fat did not move to other areas of the body. In other words, the participants actually lost weight.

It’s usually not possible in general to target a particular part of the body to lose weight, but according to her, monounsaturated fatty acids seem to have this ability.

Several oils tested

Researchers tested the effect of 5 vegetable oil blends on 101 participants through a controlled study. Participants were assigned to follow each of the oil-based treatments for 4 weeks: conventional canola oil, canola oil with high oleic acid content, canola oil with high oleic with DHA (a type of omega-3), corn/safflower and flax/safflower. After each 4-week period of dieting, participants were required to take a 4-week break before continuing to the next oil intake. Participants consumed 2 blends per day that contained the specific oil for each treatment. The amount of oil was calculated based on the energy needs of each participant.

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Daily rapeseed oil

All of the participants were abdominally obese or had a large waist circumference and were either at high risk or had suffered from metabolic syndrome – a group of diseases that includes obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperglycemia, low HDL levels and excess fat around the waist.

Rapeseed oil can easily take its place in the edible oils you use daily. It is possible to use rapeseed oil in a salad dressing, when cooking food or for cooking sautéed food in a pan. Other food oils are excellent for your health, such as oil olive, very present in the Mediterranean diet or walnut oil.


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