Bet on protein after 55

Focus on protein

Protein requirements increase by approximately 20% with age1. In addition, studies have shown that people on a diet higher in protein (25% to 30% of calories) lose weight, especially fat, more easily.

Nutritionists recommend giving priority to animal protein (meat, fish and eggs) which should represent at least 60% of total protein intake. What are the benefits of these proteins? Their amino acid composition is said to be slightly better balanced than that of vegetable proteins2. Proteins preserve the muscle mass and strength and provide essential amino acids.

If we are vegetarian?

To have sufficient protein intake, choose dishes combining various sources of vegetable protein : pulses and cereals (split pea soup or puree and bread, semolina and chickpeas, etc.), cereals and oleaginous fruits (walnut, almond, hazelnut bread, etc.).

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