Blisters: natural tips to chase them away and relieve pain

New shoes, repetitive movements with a tool in the garden, tennis, golf, blisters know how to appear without you realizing it, but once installed, they also know how not to be forgotten. The pain they generate ends up hampering the actions of everyday life and even making them impossible. A few natural tricks will help you get rid of it quickly and relieve the pain.

Blisters, or blisters, are characterized by a small pocket of fluid under the skin, filled with serous fluid, called plasma, and appear as blisters. Plasma is released from damaged cells. Blisters are mostly harmless, but what a pain!

Most of the time, they are caused by repetitive friction, for example at the level of the feet against a shoe (new) or sock and of the hand against a tennis racket or a golf club. Tools, such as garden or construction tools, that easily generate blisters.

Other causes can lead to blisters such as burns, frostbite, or exposure to chemicals. At the physiological level, after numerous frictions, we observe a separation of the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin) and the dermis (more internal layer), it follows the entry of liquid between these two layers of the skin. and the formation of a blister.

In addition to the formation of a pocket of liquid, the blisters are painful, especially if they are in friction against a garment, a shoe or an object. In the foot, blisters are often found under the arch of the foot, the toes and especially the heel. In some cases, a blister can become infected, mainly due to bacteria. Diabetics should also see a doctor with any problems in their feet, including blisters.

To cure blisters

1) If the blister is (very) painful: pierce the blister. Wash your hands well and wash the bulb with soap, then disinfect with a little alcohol or an iodine solution. Sterilize a needle by dipping it in alcohol and puncture the blister. If possible, pierce in several places of the blister. Squeeze out the serous fluid well and pat dry. Try to keep the blister skin as much as possible, which acts as a protective agent. Disinfect and bandage the area. After a few days, you can remove dead skin (eg with disinfected scissors) and change the dressing.

  • If the blister is not too painful, you can simply apply a special dressing for blisters, on sale in pharmacies. These dressings often contain a colloidal (or hydrocolloidal) gel and act like a second skin to protect against chafing and promote healing.
  • Medicinal plants and natural remedies for blisters

    – Marigold (Calendula officinalis is to be used in the form of an ointment. Apply directly to the blister, covering with a bandage. In the evening at bedtime remove the bandage to allow the blister to dry for at least air for a few hours Calendula ointment is contraindicated during pregnancy and in allergy sufferers.

    – The aloe vera. Apply the fresh aloe gel directly to the bulb. Cover with a bandage or gauze.

    – Lavender essential oil. Put a few drops (2 drops are enough) of lavender essential oil in a glass of cold water then soak a compress, wring it out to remove excess liquid and apply it directly to the blister 2 to 3 times a day. day. Lavender has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

    A few prevention tips

    To prevent infection, try not to pop the blisters unless absolutely necessary (eg too painful). You should know that the skin covering the blister acts as a protective barrier against the entry of bacteria.

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    To prevent blisters in the heel, you can apply an adhesive strip, for example around the foot or only at the level of the heel. It is essential to have shoes adapted to your foot. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight. Also be careful with new shoes made of synthetic material, they cause blisters more easily.


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