Blood pressure at 12 and the risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke drop drastically

Intensive management of hypertension in people over 50 can save lives and reduce cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks. Blood pressure control in the elderly, especially over the age of 65, is subject to some controversy, particularly because blood pressure tends to fluctuate throughout the day. This study seems to put an end to the uncertainties. These new recommendations should strongly influence doctors and patients in the management of hypertension.

Drastic reduction in the risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke

Researchers have shown that lowering systolic blood pressure to 12 or 120 millimeters of mercury in patients over 50 reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, heart disease and stroke by about a third, as well as to reduce the risk of mortality linked to these pathologies by approximately 25%, compared to the current objective of a systolic pressure of 14 in this age group or even 15 in patients aged over 60. Diastolic pressure should be reduced to 8 or 80 mm of mercury (Hg), from 90 mm of mercury, the latter value being the often recommended goal.

Lowering blood pressure is not easy, even with medication

The study involved 9,300 men and women over the age of 50 who were at high risk for heart disease or suffered from kidney disease. Each participant was randomly assigned two different systolic pressure goals to achieve, one at 120 mmHg and the other at 140 mmHg.

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Interestingly, the group that needed to reach 120 mmHg had to use an average of 3 antihypertensive drugs versus 2 for those needing to reach the 140 mmHg goal. Lowering the voltage is therefore not always easy.

With these new recommendations, the number of people considered to be hypertensive should increase sharply. It is interesting to note that half of the patients currently treated for hypertension continue to have a pressure above 140 mm of mercury, further proof that lowering blood pressure is not always easy, for various reasons. Consult the articles of the editorial staff of pressesante.com on this subject to find out how to naturally lower your blood pressure.


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