Brain: Switch to Alpha Waves for Learning and Creativity

The brain is a formidable transmitter-receiver of waves. It generates its own electromagnetic fields and waves which correspond to the state of sleep, reflection, creativity, relaxation, stress, learning, etc. One can easily enter the Alpha state, that of creativity, relaxation, meditation, easy learning. Here are some tips that will help you be better and learn more easily.

The brain is electrochemical in nature. When neurons (nerve cells in the brain) are stimulated they exchange electrically charged elements such as: sodium NA+, potassium K+, calcium CA2+ or chloride CL-, which produce an electromagnetic field. This electric field propagates along neurons and ends at the synapses so that they secrete neurotransmitters. Information passes like this in the brain, from electromagnetic to chemical.

Every time you think, move, perceive, sleep, different parts of your brain communicate with each other through electrical impulses from neurons.

Any electric current, generates an electromagnetic field, it is the case for the brain which creates magnetic fields in and around your head.

Using measurement tools such as the electroencephalogram (EEG), research has uncovered a wide range of brain waves:

– Those of the very low level of activity existing during deep sleep, the Delta waves

– Those of the intermediate state between deep sleep and awakening, the Theta waves

– Those of the creative, relaxed state, linked to the imagination, the Alpha waves

– Those associated with reasoning thinking, stress: Beta waves

The wonder of Alpha waves for learning

To enter Alpha mode, which corresponds to a state of relaxation, creativity and well-being for the brain, simply close your eyes (80% of sensory information comes from the sense of sight) and you collect in yourself. As you greatly reduce environmental stimulation, less information enters your nervous system and your brain waves naturally slow down to the Alpha state.

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You are less preoccupied with the elements of the outside world, you tend to think less and analyze less, in Alpha state, the brain is in a light meditative state. Every day you switch to Alpah effortlessly. For example, when you learn something new at a conference. Your brain then functions in beta waves, in waves of reflection, to analyze and understand the content. When you particularly liked a point of the conference, there your brain pauses and goes into Alpha. This allows your brain to consolidate information into your gray matter. At this time, the frontal lobe implants the information in the brain structure and like magic, you can remember what you have just learned.

This is surely why we tell schoolchildren who stumble on their lesson to first clear their minds and then come back to learning. By simply walking, we move from an analytical and stress-responsive type of brain activity, which is Beta mode, to a mode of relaxation, learning and creativity, Alpha mode.

Switch your brain to Alpha waves

It is entirely possible for you to consciously alter your brainwaves and shift from the analytical, stressed Beta state to the relaxed, creative Alpha mode.

The first and simplest method is that of meditation. During meditation, the input from the outside world decreases and the electrical activity of the neocortex decreases. Relaxation settles in the brain and in the body. You go from beta mode to Alpah mode in a few minutes, at the office, on the bus, in the shower… there are a number of methods to achieve this, such as mindfulness meditation for example.

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State-of-the-art technologies now also make it possible to produce this effect gently and safely. This is for example the case of the Halo sport helmet which generates an electromagnetic field which will generate waves of relaxation on which the brain will caller. Because if the brain is a transmitter of waves, it is also a receiver. It will therefore modify the mode in which it is when you put the helmet on, to modify its activity in accordance with the waves emitted by the helmet.

This helmet is mainly used for learning because once you are in Alpha mode, everything fits better. This applies just as well to musical scores, technical gestures of athletes, in-depth explanations on a quantum mechanical model… for the brain, it is the electromagnetic waves generated at the time of learning that will cause the information to remain or go.

Use a relaxing stay to promote your well-being

You now know all the benefits of alpha waves for your brain, your creativity and your learning. We’ve also taught you ways to activate your brain in alpha mode, whether through the use of advanced technology with the Halo headset, or through the use of meditation. If this second method seems relatively easy to apply, we must alert you to the fact that it is not simply a question of wanting to employ it for power. Indeed you will undoubtedly need rest, calm and therefore to achieve a real break from the uninterrupted stress of an active and/or daily family life. Thus the editorial staff suggests that you take advantage of this short stay to leave full of good vibes.

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Companies specializing in well-being will be able to advise you among a wide choice of offers that meet your expectations of pleasure and letting go. However, the main obstacle lies in the fact that many people never find the time necessary to devote to recharging their batteries. The advantage with these expert sites in this field is that they will be able to relax you with short-term formulas, thanks to their concept. The offers thus presented offer a complete service with, to begin with, teams taking care of you for your greatest happiness. Then quality services are provided through meditation and relaxation workshops or through exceptional accommodation.

Finally, know that you will find this style of short relaxation stay almost everywhere in France and this thanks to the growth of this sector of activity, so you no longer have any excuse not to take advantage of it!


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