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Brewer’s yeast: a concentrate of vitamins!

Composed of microscopic fungi, most often belonging to the family of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and essential in baking to make bread rise, brewer’s yeast is also a dietary supplement that can prevent the consequences of any deficiencies.

Even better: “active” brewer’s yeast – the mushrooms are still alive – through its probiotic action, is a medicine with recognized therapeutic benefits.

Brewer’s yeast for the baby’s nervous system

Brewer’s yeast is an important source of vitamin B9 (folate), “for which it has been demonstrated that supplementation in the pre-conception period and during the first trimester of pregnancy makes it possible to limit defects in the closure of the neural tube in the fetus,” says Dr. Cohen. The neural tube is the outline, in the embryo, of the future central nervous system.

This supplementation, justified by the frequency of deficiencies observed in women of childbearing age – 30% of them would be in this case – must however be discussed with their gynecologist. As an indication, 20 g per day of brewer’s yeast flakes (2 to 4 tbsp) are sufficient to cover the recommended intake of vitamin B9 during these periods (400 micrograms).

Brewer’s yeast for healthy skin appendages

Brewer’s yeast is recommended in case of brittle nails and soft hair because it is a concentrate of group B vitamins which contribute to the general good condition of the appendages. “It is then recommended as a cure for at least three months at the rate of 1 to 2 c. at s. glitter,” says Dr. Cohen. It can also be taken in the form of capsules, capsules or liquid.

Brewer’s yeast to improve digestive comfort

“Live” brewer’s yeast relieves abdominal pain related to intestinal hypersensitivity, and improves pain and bloating from functional colopathy. “This effect is proven with a particular strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-3856), explains Professor Desreumaux. But this does not mean that others are not effective in this indication. The only product containing this strain is Cerevisia (Lab. Trenker), and it too is failing. “If there is no improvement after 4 weeks (1 capsule/day), no need to insist. »

Brewer’s yeast to treat certain diarrhea

With the taking of antibiotics if these cause diarrhoea. “Ultra-Levure has demonstrated its effectiveness in this indication”, specifies Prof. Desreumaux. His advice: combine it with antibiotics (200 mg/day, continue 5 to 6 days after the end of treatment).

To limit the symptoms of a gastro. “Ultra-Yeast reduces the duration of acute gastroenteritis and the number of stools,” says Prof. Desreumaux (200 mg/day from the first symptoms until their disappearance, from 2 years).

Before a stay in a country “at risk” of turista. “It can be taken in the form of a food supplement (200 mg/day), two weeks before departure and throughout the stay”.

Very few contraindications for brewer’s yeast

Like all probiotics, “live” brewer’s yeast is not recommended for immunocompromised people, under immunosuppressive treatment or chemotherapy. As they have few immune defences, there is a “theoretical” risk of sepsis in them: the yeasts, passing through the intestinal barrier, would spill into the blood, which could lead to an infection.

It can trigger headaches in some intolerant people and flatulence when you consume a lot.

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