Bromum for the care of hearing and respiratory disorders

Bromum unveils a homeopathic solution derived from a chemical element belonging to the halogen family. In fact, the Bromum homeopathic strain comes from what is called “bromine” or “fetid metalloid”. An element that has the same characteristics as chlorine. It is a chemical compound that is found particularly in nature (in sea water). Manufactured by the Boirons laboratories, this remedy fights particularly against respiratory pathologies and tinnitus. Like the granules, the globule doses also contain lactose and sucrose. These are substances and excipients with known effects.

Bromum in homeopathy: its qualities and therapeutic virtues

Bromum takes more control of all respiratory pathologies (whether they are allergic or not) and auditory. A very effective disinfectant product also for treating gynecological infections with fever and to prevent urinary tract infection (recurrent). It limits the risk of mycosis and secondary infection.

Detail of the diseases mainly treated by Bromum:

  • For the hearing impairment, this medication reduces ringing or ringing in the ears (occasional or permanent). It presents a precious help for people who suffer from tinnitus (whatever the cause). Indeed, this problem can come with age or excessive exposure to noise. It can prevent a possible ear tumor or infection such as mumps (predominantly on the left side).
  • For respiratory pathologies, we recommend the Bromum for the treatment of various disorders. It relieves asthma, reduces respiratory discomfort and wheezing in the chest. A true ally of asthmatics. We recommend it for treatment of dry or laryngeal coughseasonal allergies and infant bronchiolitis.
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It can also cure nervous disorders such as anxiety or fear of ghosts.

Dosage and frequency of use of Calcarea Sulfurica

Bromum is only taken orally or internally. For a serene use, it is necessary to comply with the dose previously recommended by a specialized homeopath. Let the granules and globules melt under your tongue. For children (under 6 years old), dissolve them in a little water. It is important to respect the expiry date which is displayed on the tube. If the symptoms continue to persist despite the taking Bromuma discussion with your doctor is essential.

For treat asthma (beginner), take 9 CH, 5 pellets, 3 times a day. That is to say, one taken in the morning, noon and evening. In case of laryngitis with painful hoarseness, use 5 CH, 5 granules, 3 times a day. To cure mumps, take 9 CH (5 granules twice a day).


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