Burn fat: the secret to optimizing physical activity and losing as much fat as possible

Well-conducted and regular physical activity is a major lever for weight control and fat loss. But how to optimize physical activity to get rid of accumulated excess fat. Not all exercises are created equal for optimal weight loss. Here is the secret to training that will make you lose 9 times more fat than during simple physical activity, even over a long period of time.

When a muscle begins to move, the body perceives this start-up as a stress to which it must respond. It then triggers a series of neuro-hormonal reactions: adrenaline, noradrenaline and then growth hormone (GH) and cortisol are produced and rise.

These effects occur with the aim of adapting the body to the exertion and stress caused, which triggers a call for energy at the level of glycogen (muscle and liver), adipose tissue and the muscle cell. The free fatty acids (FFA) mobilized will reach the muscle cell via the bloodstream to produce energy.

We then witness a mechanism of catabolism of the fats stored in the adipose tissue. Fatty acids go to the muscle cell to be used for energy, and glycerol goes to the liver to produce glucose. The neuro-hormonal response to exercise involves, among other things, a call for energy via glucose and the mobilization of fats.

Optimize your physical effort to eliminate more fat

The organization of physical activity makes it possible to optimize this hormonal response and increase the mobilization of fat. It is the intensity of the effort in the form of intervals that will allow this work, promoting continuous fat burning. During exercise, the body is mobilized, but the positive effects of physical activity continue afterwards, in daily life, when the body at rest adapts and learns to better mobilize fat, even between meals. The optimized energy demand system proves to be more efficient: the cell has become much more sensitive and receptive to the release of fat.

Burn fat in intervals

In recent years, much research has been carried out with the aim of optimizing physical activity and we now know that it is the intensity of the effort that counts. Interval training, also called interval training (EF) or interval training, is the most effective, fat burning being greater.

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It consists of increasing the expenditure, increasing the intensity in the meantime. For example, we work with cycles of one minute of effort followed by three minutes of recovery, and so on, which has proven to be more effective than continuous effort. Another example is to run or walk for 20 minutes and include 2 accelerations.

9 times more fat burned with interval training

To this periodized activity, of course, we add 10 minutes of warm-up and 10 minutes of cool-down. After this type of training, the body remains for 38 hours in metabolic acceleration. This is when most fat burning takes place.

Researchers have indeed compared the fat burning of a group of athletes who practiced 20 weeks of endurance training, and another group who trained in intervals for 15 weeks. They found that the energy cost of the endurance group was higher than that of the interval training group (28,661 kcal versus 13,614 kcal). On the other hand, those who practiced interval training burned 9 times more fat!

Another study conducted at the University of Sydney over 15 days of training proves the effectiveness of intervals. Training as a sprint cycle for 8 seconds with 12 seconds of recovery was shown to be more effective in burning fat than the same amount of work done continuously at low intensity.

Two to three interval training sessions make you lose more than an endurance effort

The advantage of interval training is that there is no drowsiness of the hormonal system and physiological adaptation, which must continuously cope with the effort due to changes and peaks in intensity. The brain is an integrated system that will always make sure to minimize the risks and optimize the rewards, it is the law of survival. The body will do everything to get used to it by reducing the effort and the stress felt.

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Varying the exercises during the same workout is a way to play on the intensity, the body must systematically amplify its response. He remains on the alert. Intensity is therefore not just a question of the speed of the exercise or the load of the effort. Two to three interval training sessions per week bring more long-term results than endurance training with the same regularity.

The most difficult part of getting back into shape is to integrate physical activity into your daily life, so the activity does not necessarily have to be too long to be effective. 45 minutes of training is sufficient, ie 10 minutes of warm-up, 25 minutes of effort in the form of intervals and 10 minutes of cool-down. The best is therefore that it is practiced over the long term. And interval training brings much more interesting physiological effects in a short time. It is not the duration but the well-conducted intensity that counts.

It’s not the duration but the intensity that counts for weight loss

It is of course necessary to take into account the profile, the state of form and the state of health of the patient. But this periodization does not necessarily have to be of high intensity, it can apply to walking, for example. As long as we break with the monotony…

It is important to keep in mind two fundamental principles: training planning on the one hand, and recovery on the other. The effort must be progressive and periodized, without being maintained too long at too high an intensity! Finally, it is a question of aiming for the long-term result, ie the result of an adaptation to the effort that the body can support and that it can gradually put in place, durably.

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