Burpees: to build muscle and burn fat!

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Burpees: to build muscle and burn fat!

The Burpee is an exercise that CrossFit has brought up to date, so much so that it is even considered the essential exercise of this discipline. However, the Burpee existed long before CrossFit, and even long before bodybuilding! Recruiting many muscle groups and stimulating the cardiovascular system in a rather intense way, all those who wish to get back in shape and lose a little weight do not hesitate to integrate it into their training programs, often without knowing how. execute it correctly. Wikifit takes stock of this essential exercise in order to get the best benefits, both to build muscle and to find the line. Focus on the Burpee!

The origins of the burpee

  • From the plank position, we performed a jump to return to the squat position

  • From the squatting position, we got back up in one leap

This test measured the heart rate of patients, who were asked to perform a specific number of burpees as quickly as possible. In the 1940s, the Burpee became a physical test for US Army recruits, who also had to perform a certain number of them within a limited time. And since then, the Burpee has become the essential CrossFit exercise, also practiced by all bodybuilding and fitness fans. Its most complete version is done in 6 steps.

How to perform a burpee?

Variations of the burpee

There is not one burpee but several. Indeed, many practitioners perform it in 4 stages. It remains just as effective, even if the push-up is really an added value to this exercise, which it makes much more complete.

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Variant #1

Burpee variant 1

  • Lying face down, hands flat on either side of your shoulders

  • Straighten your torso by pushing up on your arms, keeping your legs against the floor

  • Bring your feet behind your hands, one step or one leg at a time

  • Jump, arms at your sides or hands in the air

Variant #2

Burpee variant 2

  • Standing, arms along the body

  • Squat down placing your hands slightly forward, feet inside

  • Get into a plank position all at once or one leg at a time (depending on your level)

  • Replace your feet on each side (at once or one leg after the other, depending on your level)

  • Take a leap, hands up or arms at your sides

Variation #3

Burpee variant 3

  • Standing, arms along the body

  • Lie face down on the floor, hands flat on either side

  • Place your feet behind your hands (the feet are further apart than the hands) in one beat or one leg at a time

  • Get back to the starting position in one jump

What muscles are used during burpees?

The burpee is considered a full strength exercise, and for good reason. It involves the legs, glutes, abs, pectorals, arms and shoulders. The legs and glutes are strongly mobilized during the jump squat; the pecs and arms are recruited during the push-up phase; the stabilizing muscles (abdominal and lumbar) are put to the test in the plank position.
Can the Burpee be considered a complete strength training exercise? Yes, if you do enough to stimulate enough muscle fibers. Note, however, that the backbones are not used during this exercise.

The benefits of the burpee

The great thing about burpees is that they involve so many muscles and the positions change so quickly that the cardiovascular system is put under heavy strain. In addition to being an excellent bodybuilding exercise, the Burpee is an excellent tool for cardio. Thus, this exercise is as effective for building muscle as it is for burning fat and improving endurance. However, it is necessary to know how to build training programs if you really want to progress thanks to Burpees.

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How to incorporate burpees into your workout?

There are many ways to use the Burpee to build a great physique or just improve your fitness. It all depends on the goals you have set for yourself.

You want to improve your physical condition

Do 3 burpees per week, as follows:
– 10 burpees
1 min rest
– 15 burpees
1’30 rest
– 20 burpees
2 min rest
Think of these 3 series as a circuit, and respect the rest times. Do 3 circuits the first week, then 4 the following week, until you do 6.

You want to build muscle

The Burpee alone will not make you gain a lot of muscle mass, but it will optimize your classic weight training sessions. Integrate it into a super set, for example during the abs session. It will help you better define your abdominal strap while strengthening your cladding.
Example of a tri-set including burpees:
– Crunch on the ground, hands behind the neck – 15 repetitions
– Hanging Leg Raise – 10 reps
– 10 burpees
1 minute rest
Increase the number of burpees as you progress so that you perform at least 20. Do 3-5 supersets + burpees for your abs workouts.

Looking to lose weight

The Burpee is a great exercise for burning calories and mobilizing stored fat. Place it in a cardio circuit to get the most benefits and see your fat melt away like snow in the sun
Cardio circuit to burn fat:
– 20 V-Ups (abs, floor crunch, raise legs and chest simultaneously)
– 20 graviteron pull-ups (relieved pull-ups)
– 20 forward lunges walked
– 10 to 20 burpees
1 min rest between each circuit
Start with 10 burpees during the first session, then increase the number as you progress. Do 3 circuits in the first session, then add an additional pass each week, until you complete 6 circuits.

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Some useful tips

  • Work out with a heart rate monitor. Indeed, the burpee is a very cardio exercise, and it may not be suitable for everyone. If you exceed 160 beats per minute (bpm), lighten the pace. If you feel bad during your training, do not hesitate to consult a doctor for a physical test.

  • Take the time to properly break down the movement before embarking on a series. The burpee requires coordination and may not come out “on the first try”. Break the exercise down into each of its 6 steps before doing your full set.

  • Warm up properly. Do not hesitate to do a bit of cycling or treadmill in order to properly warm up your muscles and joints. The burpee is an explosive movement that involves a shock with each jump. Your joints, as well as your muscles, must be warmed up beforehand.

  • Use wrist braces if you have sensitive joints. They will help you keep your wrists in place and prevent you from tendonitis. Consume joint supplements if you have a history of injury or tendinopathy.

  • Be sure to place your hands slightly forward, between your knees, in the starting position as well as in the finishing position. Do not squeeze your knees together before doing your jump squat (Jumping Squat), this will force you to place your hands at the side and corrupt the movement.

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